An accessible day at Bridlington

We don’t live far from the seaside and have lots of fab places within an hour’s drive like Bridlington, Filey, Whitby and Scarborough. My mum loves a run out to the coast but is in a wheelchair now so had to take accessibility options into account.  Bridlington is pretty flat on the whole and is a good choice with the really convenient Park and Ride. The buses can lower their steps and there is a spot at the front to strap the wheelchair in.  Once in town, you can have a gentle stroll around the shops, buy rock for the kids and have a cuppa in the many tea shops.  If you get chance have a drive to Bempton Cliffs too.

Bridlington beach even have three fabulous beach wheelchairs that you can hire. You can push them across the beach.  The large rubber wheels of the Landeez are designed especially for outdoor use, making the beach easily accessible. The wheelchair can be hired on a half-day basis and is located at the Foreshores Office on Princess Mary Promenade. A deposit of £10 is required but there is no charge for the hire of the wheelchair.  To hire the wheelchair you can go to the Foreshore Office on Bridlington’s South Promenade

I am always keen for her to try out new things to help her. As I have always said a stair lift can help you stay independent, and the longer you can stay independent the happier you will be.  I always feel that it’s too easy to get into a rut, so the more active you are and the more you do, the more you will want to do (and be able to!).  The good thing about Bridlington is that she might not want to go on the fair rides or be able to climb the cliffs anymore but she can still play bingo, use the slot machines and eat fish and chips with the rest of us!

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