Stihl Pressure Washer Review – RE 88

Stihl Pressure Washer Review, RE 88 – We have a York Stone patio that over the winter has become dark and a bit slippery.  I bought a pressure washer last year and washed the patio about three weeks ago, but really haven’t been impressed with the results so was really pleased to be able to try out the Stihl RE 88 Pressure washer.  Read down for more info and photos but also have a look at the video review we have done:

Stihl Pressure Washer Review


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Stihl Pressure Washer Rotary Nozzle

The pressure washer itself comes with several attachments.  This was my favourite, you can see the pressure washer lance is fitted with the rotary nozzle.

This is a photo of the back of the pressure washer, you can keep all the tools tucked neatly back here.

This is a very useful tool if you are covering large areas and don’t have the time to use the smaller rotary nozzle.  

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Stihl Pressure Washer Parts

Once your washer has been assembled, it is an easy job to attach a garden hose and then plug in.  The on and off switch is very straightforward!

stihl pressure washer review (5)

This paving slab was washed with the rotary nozzle.  (You can see this in action in the above video).  This is the before picture (it’s May and that’s cherry blossom!):

This is the immediately after picture while the slab is still wet.

This is the next day when the slab has dried.

Here is my next example of some stone steps in our garden.  You can see where our old pressure washer has left tracks when I washed these about three weeks ago.  

This is the steps after I have washed them with the Stihl Pressure Washer.  I have apologised already to the poor upside down duck.


Stihl kindly sent us the RE 88 Pressure Washer Review to review, but, as ever, all the opinions expressed are my own.


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