Hotpoint ULTIMA Dishwasher Review (HFO 3P23 WL)

Hotpoint ULTIMA Dishwasher Review – I have had no end of problems with our old dishwasher so was overjoyed to be able to review this new spangly freestanding white one from Hotpoint.  It’s an ULTIMA HFO 3P23 WL for reference.


To begin with it has a A++ energy rating, which Mr Wonders was impressed by (it’s more efficient apparently).  Before you read further we have also made a video of it’s important features here:

It has three trays, two regular deep trays and a narrow cutlery tray at the very top. Now, you may already have one of these so they are old hat to you, but I think this is a genius idea as then there is no need for a cutlery caddy. No cutlery caddy means more space in the deep trays which I always need! You can line up your cutlery neatly to be washed or you can chuck it in willy nilly, depending on your OCD levels and it pretty much takes care of itself. The only thing you need to have a care about are the spoons as you can end up with puddles of water. It’s no drama to put them the right way up though.


Oh, while I am telling you about the cutlery tray, you might like to know that you can concertina it, in order to get taller glasses onto the tray below. Have a look at our video review if this is double Dutch to you!

3D Zone Wash

The next thing I am going to tell you about is the 3D Zone Wash. I affectionately call this the jetwash. You know how you normally have a spinning washer arm beneath each tray? Well the HFO 3P23 has the usual two spinning arms, as well as a third arm underneath the lower tray that provides an extra whoosh of water on two concentrated spots. This is where you put your items that need the most attention – which is usually pans and casserole dishes in our house.   It also has a shower-type spray ahead right at the top of the dishwasher, ideal for getting rid of food on dried on cutlery. You choose your preferred cycle and then hit the 3D ZoneWash button to choose the basket you want to give extra attention to.  Looking at the details the 3D Zone Wash gives a 40% increase in cleaning power, meaning that you don’t have to rinse your dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.  (A foolish thing to do anyway if you ask me.)


Hotpoint ULTIMA HFO 3P23 WL Freestanding Dishwasher

There are several components in the Hotpoint dishwasher that you can adjust to your own particular needs. I have already mentioned the concertina cutlery drawer, but there are more. You can easily adjust the height of the middle drawer to accommodate larger items below (we have large dinner plates so this works well for us). You can also snap the plate racks up and down on both trays, to with stack plates or have a flat surface for cups and bowls.


Different programmes – Express 30′

There are lots of different cycles depending on what you want.  My favourite is P3 this is a standard wash and takes around two and a half hours.  You can also go for a longer, more eco friendly wash, a quiet wash or a quick wash.  The quick wash or Express 30′ wash takes just 30 minutes and is great for turning over the dishes when you are in a hurry and want to get another load in quickly.  Another bonus for us that we didn’t have before is a digital display that lets you know how many minutes are left in the cycle.  When it’s finished it gives a upbeat little beep as if to say ‘ta-da!  I’ve finished!’

All in all, I am very happy with it.  It gets everything squeaky clean and comes with lots of flexibility so you can personalise the machine to make it work to your own preferences.  


Hotpoint sent us the ULTIMA HFO 3P23 WL to review free of charge, but all the opinions expressed – as ever – remain my own.