Moissanite Dominating the Jewel Market

What words come to mind when the name “Diamond” pops ups? Luxury? Beauty? Style? Fashion? In truth, diamonds are not without their praises. They find their way into the hearts of every jewel lover and are the focal points of every graceful event, including weddings. But beneath the fame and glamour, these precious stones come … Read more

The best walking trails around Yorkshire

Now that the better weather is coming in enjoying the great outdoors is higher up on the list of priorities for some people. There are some amazing walks around Yorkshire that really need to be experienced by both, seasoned hikers and those of you that are just dipping your toes into the world of hiking. … Read more

Looking for A Portable Aircon? Start Here!

Having air conditioning in your house not only adds value to your house, but on a simple, practical level, goes a long way in making the hot summer months more bearable. Installing air conditioning around your house can be expensive, but have you ever considered in portable air conditioning? The useful feature of being able … Read more

LVT as the Trend That Keeps on Giving

LVT is the abbreviation for Luxury Vinyl Tiles, which itself is often referred to as luxury vinyl flooring, is the pinnacle of design in innovative flooring.   Once upon a time these products were seen as a flimsy gimmick in place of laminate or hardwood flooring, yet over time and countless years of researching the … Read more

7 Ways To Match Old Furniture With New Furniture

Adding new furniture to your home is an exciting process. Buying furniture from large, modern stores offers the flexibility of finding pieces to fit every decor style. One way to make new furniture look even better is to upcycle your old furniture to fit the new quirky, creative interior design that you love.   Giving … Read more

Winter Driving & Tyre Safety Tips

Driving in winter is tricky. Not only does the weather seem to conspire against us, there is a small but significant proportion of drivers who only drive when it gets too cold for their bicycles or for walking or jogging to work. Inexperienced and unpractised drivers can make mistakes that, under icy conditions, can quickly … Read more