AD| Hoover HF9 Anti-Twist Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – Review

Hoover HF9 Anti-Twist Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review.  We were lucky enough to be sent a new vacuum to review this week.  It’s a brand new model by Hoover, and is not only bang up-to-date with its technology, it also vacuums really, really well.  It’s easy to use and feels lightweight when vacuuming.  You can see from the below photo that it has a digital display that tells you how many minutes of charge you have left.  This differs depending whether you are on regular or turbo suction.  To give you an idea of the time difference, my battery is currently almost fully charged and will do 27 minutes of regular vacuuming or 13 minutes on turbo. 



The Mode button you can see refers to whether you are vacuuming on carpet or hard surfaces.



The Hoover H is a cordless stick vacuum with anti-twist technology.  Let me unpack that sentence a bit…  You may or may not be familiar with the concept of a cordless stick.  In a nutshell it comes with a lithium battery that you charge just like a mobile phone, which means you can carry it around the house easily and don’t need to plug it in.  


Hoover HF9 Anti-Twist Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


The ‘anti-twist’ bit?  Well, you know how usually the roller/brush on your vacuum often gets hair wrapped around it (particularly in our house from those of us with longer hair!), well this vacuum roller/brush is specifically designed to stop that happening.  It works too – with our old vac I was forever cutting the hair off the roller.  It’s one step I won’t miss!


Hoover HF9 Anti-Twist Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


The picture above is the bottom of the main brushbar – if that’s what you call it?  (Not sure if there is a more technical term!).  You can see the brush has an unusual v shape as well as brushes and a rubber seal.  The photo is after I vacuumed and you can see – no hair!  You can see the front of this main brushbar below.



Oh, in fact, the above photo confirms that it is indeed called a brushbar!  Should have looked at that first!  Anyway, you can see the writing ‘Brushbar Status’, and after a little research for you/me I have discovered that “if the brushbar status light is red, the brush may be jammed, please check for obstructions.”  This red light is likely to work VERY hard in our house!  You can also see a switch in this picture.  This opens the clear casing above the roller to remove said obstructions.  In fact, a lot of pieces can be removed from the vacuum which is excellent for cleaning purposes.  Anything that is removed clicks back into place with a very satisfying ‘thunk’ too – the whole vacuum feels very sturdy.


attachments on the Hoover HF9 Anti-Twist


As well as the main brushbar, there are two other attachments.  The above is handy though I seldom use it and is a small brush (perfect for cobwebs, of which we have plenty).  The little switch brings down a nozzle (see the below photo).  I am not entirely sure what situation you use this for, but I bet there will be people reading this and scoffing as to them it is obvious!



Now, the next attachment is my absolute favourite (I know how sad it sounds that I have a favourite vacuum attachment but there it is).  It’s this one, comically termed the ‘crevice tool’.  I like it as it concentrates the suction onto one area and is perfect for the edge of the room and doorways.


Hoover HF9 Anti-Twist Cordless Vacuum Cleaner


Hoover HF9 Anti-Twist crevice tool


Hoover HF9 Anti-Twist Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – Review

The Hoover HF9 is bagless which has its pros and cons. It’s good as there is no need to remember to buy bags, and of course is more eco-friendly as there are no bags to throw away.  The ‘down’ side is that you see exactly how much you are vacuuming up each time – I can’t even tell you how much there was after my first go – seriously horrifying! 🙂



It’s very easy to empty, just hold the canister over your bin and click.  The base flaps open.



There are three filters on the vacuum (as far as I can see initially) that can be removed for cleaning.  I do like to do this from time to time to keep the suction as powerful as it can be.



As I mentioned earlier the vacuum is cordless, and is powered by means of a battery.  This is easy to charge and a cable slots in from a plug socket.  The battery pack is easily removed from the main part of the vacuum.  The below photo shows the slot where the battery normally fits and then on the left is the (less in focus!) battery.



I am really very pleased with this vacuum, it’s sturdy, has a few nice functions and very powerful suction.


We were sent a press sample of the vacuum to review – as always all opinions expressed are my own.