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Braava jet M6 Robot Mop Review – this week we have reviewed this fabulous robot mop.  Mr Wonders loves any smart gadget so has written the review for this one:

Cleaning, who enjoys it? Anyone saying yes is jolly strange.  I like the house to be clean but certainly don’t enjoy the process, so anything which reduces my involvement in the process can only be a good thing.




Step forward the Braava jet M6. We have recently had the opportunity to test one of these out. If you’re an avid reader you may have had the opportunity to read our review of the Roomba i5+ Self-Emptying Robot Vacuum. If not, do take a look at this too, as they make a brilliant pairing. They are on offer as a pair on the Roomba site here.


This is a dedicated Robot mop, it will also do dry sweeping (not vacuuming). It comes with a selection of accessories, washable mop and sweeping cloths, single use mop and sweeping pads and a small bottle of cleaning concentrate, enough for 2 tanks full.


robot mop review braava m6


I imagine the washable versions will get most use here as they’re so easy to chuck in the wash with other stuff. The disposable ones, not so sure, but could be handy for if the cats have been horrid at some point. But look at this face, he would never be horrid (the Braava box doubling up as a handy cat bed!).  Seriously, any new box that comes into the house is instantly sat in!


Braava Jet M6 Review


Getting him set up is very straightforward. It’s a case of plugging his base in somewhere suitable and then sitting him on top. Then (if you don’t already have it), download the iRobot app to your preferred device. Setup couldn’t be much simpler click add, the app searches for him, confirm your WiFi password and after a minute or two you’re good to go.  The Braava also integrates with your smart home speaker (Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant).  We have Alexa and, once paired, can simply say ‘Alexa, ask Braava to mop everywhere’.  If you are old school there is also a big button on the top that says ‘Clean’.


Braava Jet M6 Review robot mop


The first thing the Braava will want to do is drive around your house learning its layout (he will request the dry sweeping cloth is fitted) and creating a map of the rooms. He will suggest room names which you can change should you wish.


Attaching the cloth to the Braava


The underside of the Braava with the cloth attached.


Once that is done, you can set him to work. You will need to fill his water/detergent tank first. It’s easily accessible by lifting up his top cover and lifting it out. Also, fit the mopping cloth, it slides/clips in place. Interesting thing, he recognizes which cloth is fitted, which is jolly smart!


The water tank inside the Braava.

Easy to fill tank.


You may notice when he starts mopping that no water comes out. Panic not, the first time it just takes a little while to work its way through the tubes. Speaking of that, he gives a really good squirt in front of him at suitable intervals and doesn’t just drag a damp cloth around the house. You can control how much he squirts too, from Eco to Ultra (think we’ll need Ultra in this house!).  There was no evidence of squirting up the walls either, so I am assuming he is clever enough to not do that!


The bit where the water squirts out!


Does he clean though?  That’s an emphatic yes, I was very impressed with the results on our white tiles.  We have building work ongoing at the moment and haven’t exactly been able to keep cleaning pace to match the dust.  Initially I set him off twice and this did the job nicely.  With a more normal level of dirt, once would have been fine.  The only spot not reached was a tiny amount in the corner of the room, though with being a square design, it is a very small area.



Going back to my point about pairing with the Roomba, this is where it gets better.  You can set up a job (either scheduled or manual/one-off) as a pairing in the app.  So Roomba vacuums up the room, then when that is done, out comes Braava and mops straight after!  You can create all manner of custom schedules, from a fairly basic vacuum and mop scheduled once a week, through to heavily customised to suit your lifestyle or if you just like tech!  We live in the countryside and in the winter that means mud, so can see this being very handy with more regular mopping of the hallway for example.  In fact, you can simply tell Braava to mop the hallway either by the app or by your smart home device.


All in all, a cracking piece of kit, a brilliant way to keep on top of mundane jobs.  5 stars from us!


We were sent the Braava to review – all opinions expressed are our own.