5 cheap, kid-friendly day trips

When you have kids, it can be difficult to find fun activities you will all enjoy that don’t break the bank. We all want to provide for our children and give them the best possible life, which means getting out and about and showing them the world. You might also want to consider a junior ISA from Wealthify.


All kids love a day trip, so check out the following cheap and cheerful ideas to keep the whole family happy.



Many kids love animals, and spring is a wonderful time of year to visit a farm. There are plenty of countryside farms to visit in Yorkshire, where your children might get the opportunity to see lambing occur and could bottle feed the lambs. Plus, they can run around, get some fresh air and exercise and learn about countryside values. Visiting a farm is a wonderful, wholesome day out with plenty to do for the whole family, and most offer free entry or only cost a couple of quid.

Beetle Bank Farm, York


If you’re looking for an activity for a rainy day, why not consider taking a trip to a museum? All cities will have a few to choose from. You’re spoilt for choice in London, which has kid favourites such as the science museum with its interactive exhibits, and the Victoria and Albert museum which offers the opportunity to dress in period costumes. Visiting a museum can be a great educational day out where your children learn more about culture, history and science. They’ll be itching to share their new knowledge with their friends. And the best thing? Most museums are free.


The seaside

Kids are full of energy, so a day trip to a beach always works wonders. Seaside towns like Scarborough and Whitby are crawling with kid-friendly activities, and you’ll find an abundance of candyfloss, arcade games and seagulls for them to chase. If the weather’s good then even better – you can sit back and relax while the kids make sandcastles and attempt to cover you in sand. If it’s overcast you can still have fun – bring a toboggan or some bin bags with you and get them sliding down the dunes. No need to spend money when you’re having good, old fashioned fun! 


Family cinema

Every kid likes getting into a good movie – especially animation films with their favourite characters. So, why not take your kids for a day trip to the cinema? While ticket prices continue to escalate, many cinemas are now doing family tickets that are significantly cheaper – or you might be able to find cheap deals online. Investigate your local cinema and see what deals you can find for kids.


If you want to do something locally, you can’t beat a good picnic in the park. Simply by packing a picnic blanket, some delicious food and inviting their friends, your kids will have a fun and memorable day. Plus, you can keep energy running high by organising fun games like rounders, Frisbee or football.   Or if you are wanting more fun outdoors what about a camping trip?


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