Filey and Bridlington with Northern Flat Fare Offer

This weekend we were invited to have a day out using Northern.  This is to help highlight a brilliant deal that will be available in the next couple of weeks – unlimited travel on their network for a day or the whole weekend.  You can read all the finer details here but in a nutshell you will need to collect two tokens from the Hull Daily Mail between the 7th-12th of May and the 14th-19th of May. (Other newspapers are involved too).  The two tokens will then allow you to travel anywhere on the Northern Rail network and hop on and off all day for £10 per adult (£5 per child) or £17.50 for the whole weekend (£8.75 for kids).  You can choose to travel to Carlisle, York, Lincoln, Leeds, Blackpool or Manchester (and many, many more).  As we have just had a lovely sunny spell we chose a day at the seaside!

Our day started bright and early at Hull Paragon Station. The kids thought the station looked like something from Harry Potter and kept looking for Platform 9 and three quarters. The station itself has some interesting features including lots of interesting writing on the floor and a statue of Philip Larkin who was a poet laureate and librarian at the University of Hull. (Reminds me of my GCSE English!).

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The train came and we boarded ready for our adventure! Northern are the second largest operator in the UK which was news to me.  I have to admit I was very pleasantly surprised with the train itself. It was very modern and clean and we managed to get a comfortable table for the four of us.  The conductors we came into contact with were all very jolly which is always lovely.  Miss H even found 10p between the seats which will probably be the thing she remembers from our day out for years to come! 

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Our first stop was Bridlington. We headed down to the harbour which took around ten minutes.

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We perused all the shops selling fish and chips, waffles and doughnuts, before deciding on Jackonelli’s for a chocolate and strawberry ice-cream for Master T and a waffle with ice cream and strawberry sauce for Miss H. 

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We then wandered along to the benches lining the harbour and watched the world go by.  From here you can take a speedboat or pirate ship ride. A few steps further brings you to the funfair with waltzers, bumper cars and a big wheel.

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We love a fairground, but had a pressing engagement with the 2p machines in one of the amusement arcades. We don’t get to go in arcades very often so it’s a massive treat for the kids!

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Then, we decided to hop back on the train and head further up the coast to Filey. This train didn’t disappoint either, and Master T, envious of the 10p Miss H found earlier, claimed victory by finding four 5p pieces down the back of his seat. (It’s the little things!!)

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A friend of mine recommended Ingham’s fish and chip restaurant for lunch and they were not wrong. It’s less than ten minutes from the station. We visited on a Saturday and got a table straight away though I imagine it will be busier in summer. As you can see, they do fabulous big portions. I really think having fish and chips at the seaside is a rite of passage and should in fact be made compulsary.

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From there we wandered to some public gardens which gave a cracking view of the sea.

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If you go further down to the seafront you will find amusements, more fish and chips and ice cream as well as a bouncy castle and crazy golf.  The beach at Filey is wide and long and is happy to provide hours of paddling, kite flying, sandcastle building, shell collecting fun.  If you were planning to spend the whole day in Filey rather that station hopping like we were, you could consider a walk down to Filey Brigg where you can enjoy a spot of rock pooling. It’s about a twenty five minute walk from the station (but it will take you longer coming back up).

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We decided to stop off again at Bridlington on the way back and let the kids play on the beach while we relaxed and let them do their thing!

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After a lovely long day out we headed back on the train tired, but happy.


Northern invited us to try a day out travelling with them, but as always, any opinions expressed are my own.

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