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Hoover Wine Fridge HWCB 30 UKBM1 Review

We were recently sent a beautiful wine cooler from Hoover to review (it’s the Hoover HWCB 30 UKBM/1 model).  Mr Wonders loves anything like this so was keen to take over the review:

“Our much anticipated new kitchen is finally taking shape, which is a very welcome relief!

This continued today with the arrival of the very shiny looking Hoover Wine Cooler HWCB 30 UKBM/1.  Delivery day started with a text giving us a 2 hour window and later a phone call from the driver giving us half an hour warning. He was on time and happy to take it to a spot of our choosing. The back door step, which the cat approved of. He also offered to take away the packaging, we declined as we still have a little messy work ongoing so I wanted it for added protection!


Hoover Wine Cooler HWCB 30 UKBM1 Review
Our cat, Pandora, giving the wine fridge her seal of approval



Hoover Wine Cooler HWCB 30 UKBM/1 Review

Onto the fridge itself. Bring it into the spot you want before opening the packaging, it’s much easier. Once opened it’s very easy to unpack the various squishy protection. All there is to do is a door handle to screw on. Easy to do (Philips screwdriver) and 2 screws. There are instructions enclosed to advise how to swap door opening sides should you need, very handy if your kitchen layout needs this. 


Close up of the top of the door where you can change opening sides


Now, our kitchen is not yet fitted, so I have taken photos in our utility (which is finished!).  I’ll add final photos of the fridge once it is in its proper place.


Hoover Wine Fridge HWCB 30 UKBM1 Review


This is very much an upgrade on our last wine fridge.  That was a cheap generic brand, but curiously enough even at todays prices, the Hoover doesn’t actually cost a lot more. Initial impressions are that the difference is like night and day and very much worth a little extra. The door feels much more solid and closes more convincingly. The Hoover wine cooler can be happily and neatly integrated under a kitchen worktop (it has adjustable feet to help with this). The HWCB 30 UKBM/1 has a compressor (like a food fridge), versus the old ones peltier cooling arrangement. I won’t attempt to school you in the technical differences, suffice to say that models such as this Hoover will get your wine cooler, especially in hot ambient temperatures.




There are six lovely wooden shelves, housing up to 20 bottles of wine, less if you have a penchant for champagne 🙂 The interior is illuminated by LEDs, which by default turn off after a time delay.  They can be changed to be always on, for a little extra sparkle, and who doesn’t love a bit of that, that’s why you want a wine fridge isn’t it?



You can set the temperature at anything between 5°C and 18°C.  Either to your perfect storage temperature or perfect drinking temperature, I make no judgement.  You can see the LED screen displaying the temperature, below.


Hoover Wine Cooler HWCB 30 UKBM1 Review


There is an app too (the hOn App powered by VIVINO) which enables you to scan your wine label and get information about the winery, grapes and, year of production together with the rating from Vivino users

All in all, I would recommend it based on the looks and quality as well as the price.”




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