Can Industry-Specific Drug Testing Protocols Bolster Workplace Safety?

Workplace safety is a critical concern across various industries, especially those considered high-risk. The implementation of drug testing protocols tailored to specific industries is gaining recognition as a potential approach to enhance safety. With the presence of high-grade drug testing kits, companies are now more equipped than ever to conduct efficient and accurate substance abuse … Read more

Trying out MJ’s Diner Air Fryer Ready Meals

We were recently invited to test out a range of Air fryer ready meals from MJ’s Diner. You can buy the meals in various shops, such as Farmfoods and Poundland. It’s a huge range, with favourites such as Katsu Chicken Curry and Shortcrust Steak Pie with Chunky Chips.  In fact, here is the entire list: … Read more

The Drovers Arms at Skipwith gets a £150k Makeover!

The Drovers Arms, a multi-award winning* restaurant & country pub in Skipwith, North Yorkshire, is celebrating its new menu and significant transformation, following a £150k investment and impressive 17-day renovation by MATTGRAY Hospitality.   Having purchased The Drovers Arms in November 2013, following being custodians of the venue for 10 years, the team at MATTGRAY … Read more

Succulent Garlic Shrimps with European Rice Recipe

Now the days are starting to warm up, your thoughts may be turning to more summery foods.  How about Succulent Garlic Shrimps with European Rice? This stunning recipe by Chef Homam Ayaso (aka @Homamino) is seriously easy to make while looking impressive enough for serve to friends and family or for a special date night! … Read more

Fun Activities for Couples to Do in Yorkshire

With an estimated 8.9 million visitors each year, Yorkshire offers plenty to do. Its vast moors and vibrant culture are an incredible backdrop boasting both adventure and tranquillity. But how can you maximise your visit and ensure you have the best time with your loved one? We’ve compiled a list of our favourite things for … Read more

DisneyBounding as Ariel, The Little Mermaid

Disney Bounding as The Little Mermaid

DisneyBounding as The Little Mermaid is a fun and creative way to pay homage to this beloved character without wearing a full costume.  It’s particularly good for costume parties for adults or, of course, in the Disney Parks. Here are my suggestions for how you can DisneyBound as Ariel: Colors: Ariel’s colour palette includes shades … Read more

Flowers in Cooking Homemade Sweets and Desserts

Flowers have long been admired for their beauty and fragrance, but did you know they can also be a delightful addition to your homemade sweets and desserts? What about your favorite cake, decorated with red roses? In this article, we’ll visit the enchanting world of edible flowers and how they can elevate the flavors and … Read more