Castle Howard at Christmas in 2024 is Alice’s Christmas Wonderland

Christmas at Castle Howard 2024 – The theme for this year at Castle Howard is Alice’s Christmas Wonderland and runs from the 15th November until the 5th January 2024.

Alice is planning a huge Christmas party, and she invites you to follow the White Rabbit through Castle Howard’s grand halls and regal rooms with each twist and turn revealing fanciful festive surprises.
Don’t be late for this very important date, as you immerse yourself in a psychedelic world that will leave your smile as wide as the Cheshire Cat’s.
Read our review from last year with lots of lovely photos below!

The grand staircase decorated for Christmas at Castle Howard


The grand staircase decorated for Christmas at the start of the tour.


Castle Howard Christmas 2023 Christmas in Neverland


The tour starts in the bedrooms of the Darling children.  Make sure you take a careful look in the windows of this dolls house to see if you can spot Tinkerbell!  There are plenty of spots to see her and children can even follow a Tinkerbell trail around the house.  (Keep them occupied while you are looking at the rest of the gorgeous decorations!).


Castle Howard Christmas 2023 Christmas in Neverland


There is very much an ‘Edwardian Christmas’ theme running alongside the Christmas in Neverland theme with traditional decorations like these paper chains.  Castle Howard make an effort to reuse previous decorations in different ways to be more sustainable and this year any new decorations bought have deliberately been purchased with a mind for the future, with paper, fabric and glass being the materials of choice.


Castle Howard Christmas 2023



I always come home with grand plans for my own decorating.  Look at this gorgeous pastel Christmas tree!



This is always my favourite room, with the table laid for a magical banquet.



There are so many rooms to marvel at!




Lights, sounds and clever special effects have been used to enhance the journey through the house, like this magical mermaid pool (my favourite this here are the jellyfish – my photo does not do them justice!)


Castle Howard Christmas 2023 Christmas in Neverland


As always there is a huge tree taking centre stage.  This one was cut from the Castle Howard estate and is decorated in a tropical theme.  It’s bright and colourful and utterly fabulous, but I have to say I prefer a more traditional look (don’t shoot me!!).



There are more rooms to see than I can include here.  As always it is a feast for the senses!



I also managed to snap a photo of the land train that will take you around the grounds.


kelly train land train at Castle Howard


If you want to push the boat out at the end of your tour then you can also treat yourself to a festive ‘Darling Afternoon Tea’ (and who doesn’t love an afternoon tea?!)  Castle Howard is a lovely place to visit and the perfect way to celebrate Christmas.

We’re thrilled to be collaborating with Great Ormond Street Hospital and Children’s Charity, our charity partner for Christmas 2023.



Intrigued to see what last year was like?

Our review of Castle Howard at Christmas last year

Last year Castle Howard was transformed into a storybook castle at Christmas.   We were lucky enough to go along to the press launch to get a first glimpse.

Each room is transformed into a decadent Christmas wonderland featuring different fairytale characters,  It really is the ultimate in festive theatrics, with so many lush and varied details, you might need more than one visit to see it all! 


Christmas at Castle Howard


The experience begins at the bottom of the grand staircase, festooned with foliage and lights, leading to your first (of many) Christmas trees at the top of the stairs.  From there, it’s a feast for the senses as you move from opulent room to opulent room.


castle howard christmas
Red Riding Hood’s Cloak


Many of the decorations are made in house, like this beautiful cloak belonging to Little Red Riding Hood.



christmas event castle howard

Castle howard at christmas
Goldilocks and the Three Bears


This cute house now houses the Three Bears and you can see Goldilocks peering out over three porridge bowls in the window,  In fact, this was originally a wendy house belonging to and played with by the Howard children.  The team like to use as much authentic Castle Howard items as possible as well as reusing and recycling past decorations in a new and exciting way.




One of my favourite moments is when you come around a corner to be greeted by the 26 foot high Christmas tree (grown in Castle Howard’s own grounds) in the Great Hall.


Christmas tree in the great hall at castle Howard
Christmas tree in the Great Hall at Castle Howard


This year, it’s decorated in traditional red with lots of candy canes and lollypops!



When you are in this room, look up to the gallery to see Rapunzel’s tower, with her hair cascading down.


fairytale christmas at castle howard



Another favourite of mine was this wonderful table set for an extravagant feast!




Just look at those baubles!  Don’t miss the Christmas shop set up on your way out if you want to recreate this at home (now wouldn’t that be fun!).


Cinderella's Carriage Castle Howard
Cinderella’s Carriage


As you near the end of your experience you will see Cinderella’s carriage.  And, just like every good panto, at the end is a wedding!




There are amazing sounds and lights throughout the experience and remember to look up for some truly magical ceilings.



festive afternoon tea at castle howard
Festive afternoon tea at Castle Howard



Finally, if you want to really push the boat out, why not indulge in a festive afternoon tea!






Castle Howard at Christmas


castle howard at Christmas
Castle Howard at Christmas


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