Gtech Pro Reviews – Cordless Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

Gtech Pro Reviews – Cordless Bagged Vacuum Cleaner

UPDATE – A Year Later: I have had my Gtech Pro for over a year now and couldn’t be happier.  I was recommending it to a friend yesterday and it occurred to me to come back and update my review.  Often a product works brilliantly when you first get it but then goes downhill.  We have never had a problem with our Gtech and I still love it!  I have just used the last bag of the ten pack of bags I bought originally too.

Original Review:

I’ve had a bagless vacuum for years, ever since I won a Dyson on Wheel of Fortune (yes, really, but that’s a story for another day…!).  I went through two more Dysons after that then switched to a Vax.  My problem with them all, being bagless, was that I was always changing the filter in order to improve the suction.  So, I had decided to try a bagged vacuum when I next made a switch.  This is why I was so pleased to get a chance to write one of the first Gtech Pro reviews.


Gtech Pro Video Review

I’ve even (with hubby’s help) made a video review of the Gtech Pro.  We filmed it while vacuuming Miss H’s bedroom.  She and her friends had been doing ‘crafts’ which translates as cutting up paper and scattering sequins everywhere.  I am ashamed to say I didn’t make it look like that for the video – it actually did look like that!  (They had a good time though, which is the important thing, right? Right?). 


Very Modern Looking – Gtech Vacuum Review

To start with, it’s very modern looking.  It’s a clean, bright green with a clear suction tube.  To me, it’s a cross between an upright vacuum cleaner and a cylinder vacuum cleaner.  I’ve always chosen an upright vacuum as I have found cylinders hard work – I like the fact that with an upright the weight is taken by the floor.  I was worried that because the motor is in the handle (sort of) of the Gtech Pro that I might find it heavy.  But actually, the floor does take most of the weight, so it wasn’t a problem. 

[singlepic id=2046 w= h= float=center]

Gtech Vacuum Cleaner Attachments/Accessories

It comes with several attachments which are all really easy to attach and detach (have a look at the video for a demo of that too).  There is a large brush tool, small brush tool, one of those pointy nozzles that I think of as an edging tool but is actually called a crevice tool (sniggers), and a nozzle brush (just have a look at the photo if none of that makes any sense!).

[singlepic id=2048 w= h= float=center]

Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

You can attach any of the tools to the long tube, or you can remove the tube and attach them all to the main vacuum to make a very useful handheld vacuum.  Set up this way, it’s perfect for the stairs or the car, because of course – and I have yet to touch on this very important point – it has no cable!  I’ve never had a vac with no cable and using this one was a revelation to me!  So easy!  With my old vac, the plug point that was easy to get to in the dining room, didn’t quite let me reach the furthest part of the living room.  And the stairs – complete nightmare with an upright!  The amount of times, I have been clonked on the head whilst trying to vac the stairs is ridiculous!  (And clearly I don’t learn!).

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Charging the Gtech Pro

The vac needs four hours for a full charge and will then work for 40 minutes on its eco setting (which seemed to vacuum fine) or 20 minutes on full power.  I don’t generally use the vac for more than 20 minutes in one go so that’s fine with me.  The battery unclips from the main unit and can then be plugged in to charge.  It’s about the size of two mobile phones, so fine to charge sat on the kitchen counter.


Great for Cobwebs

Another thing I like about it, is that it’s great for cobwebs.  We live in an old house in the country and have lots and lots of spiders, and my ceilings do sometimes look like Miss Haversham’s dining table (cobwebby in other words!).  With the nozzle brush (my name for it by way – no idea what the official name is!), you can reach the ceiling and vacuum them.  I’d either do this a bit at a time though or get someone with strong arms to do it.  The Gtech Pro is light, but not that light that you can wave it around in the air for hours with no bother.

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Gtech Pro – it’s a bagged vacuum cleaner!

Oh, I haven’t mentioned the bags.  The Gtech Pro comes with two bags as standard.  They are really easy to pop on and off (have a nosy at the video), and clean too.  You pop off an old bag and pop on its lid before throwing it away.  No mess emptying like a bagless vacuum and no constant washing the filter.  They cost around £1 each and should last 1-2 months according to the Gtech website. 

[singlepic id=2049 w= h= float=center]

Gtech Pro Bagged Cordless Vacuum

In summary, I thought the Gtech cordless was great.  I love the ease and versatility of it.  It feels much easier to grab it and vac quickly than having to drag the big vac out, untangle the cable and find a plug for example.  The suction is great and I love the neatness of the bags. 


I was sent the Gtech Pro to review, but the opinions I have expressed are (as ever) my own. 


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