Thai Season by Pritsana, Pocklington, York – Review

Thai Season by Pritsana, Pocklington, York – Review

I was very excited to visit Thai Season by Pritsana from before it even opened.  I love Thai food!  Thai Season has opened in the building where The Steer Inn used to be on the A1079 not too far from Pocklington.  Both Master T and Miss H’s naming ceremony meals were at The Steer Inn, so it does have some meaning to us as a family.  I was glad when it was sold to be a Thai restaurant though as the building did need a bit of money and TLC!

Thai Restaurant near Pocklington, York

I visited with a group of mummy friends.  As there was a large group of twelve of us, we were seated in a room with a large table on its own.  This was not completely cut off from the rest of the restaurant but enough so that our loud cackling didn’t disturb anyone else.  It’s decorated in a Thai style and is clean and contemporary.  The table setting was traditional and had pretty folded paper napkins on each plate.


Thai Season by Pritsana – Review

I shared a mixed starter plate with my friend Sara – I love to try lots of different starters!  On the plate there were spring rolls, spare ribs, chicken satay and dim sum.  I loved everything except the dim sum (but Sara got to eat my spare dim sum and seemed to enjoy them).

Mixed Thai Starter

I ran around the table taking photos of everyone else’s meals so that you can see the style and size of the portions.  I usually get serious food envy when I order the wrong thing, so hopefully this will help future diners!  My apologies in advance for the odd blurry photo.   I was rushing so as not to annoy my fellow diners.  Plus, I had had wine, so – y’know.

For my main, I ordered the Red Thai Chicken Curry – it was delish!  I also ordered the sticky rice.  I felt that my rice was a little too sticky for my liking, but was roundly mocked for this by Sara who was happy with hers.  Next time I intend to try the coconut rice which looked marvellous.

Red Thai Chicken Curry

Other dishes that my fellow diners ordered were:


Spring Rolls

Chicken Satay

King Prawn Pad Thai

Thai Green Curry and Coconut Rice

Some sort of Duck dish?  (I will find out!)

It’s lovely to have a Thai restaurant so close to home and ideal for big groups like us or more intimate dining in the other rooms.  The food was delicious, I will definitely be returning.  The service was excellent on the whole, friendly and courteous, and very traditionally Thai.  We waited a little long for the bill at the end, but am sure if we had been more vocal this would have been presented sooner. 


Thai Season by Pritsana also do takeaways, so I think that’s our next plan, so Mr Wonders can try it too!



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