Grand Opening Buffet at Thai Season by Pritsana

We were very happy to be asked to attend the Grand Opening at Thai Season by Pritsana between Pocklington and York (it’s on the A1079 near Barmby Moor).  It’s actually been open for business for a few weeks (we reviewed it here), but last night was their chance to showcase their signature dishes in a Thai food buffet. 

Selection of Starters

We got to try a selection of starters, such as Satay Chicken (a favourite of mine and Master T).

We also tried the Spring Rolls and the Dim Sum, as well as Thai prawn crackers.  If you haven’t tried them, they are more strongly flavoured than their Chinese counterparts and darker in colour.


Chicken Priew Wan


Chicken Pad Prik Pow

Delicious and very spicy!


Chicken Yellow Curry

(I could eat lots of this!)


For dessert there was Lychee in Syrup.  I am sure lychees taste nice but I can’t get past the odd look of them to try!

Papaya Salad

There was a demonstration of how to make papaya salad in the foyer.  Master T was invited to take part, and loved helping stir the fresh ingredients.  I can’t remember everything that went into it, but garlic, beans, peanuts, chilis, onions and tomatoes were involved – as well as the papaya of course. 

Who knew that papaya looks like a courgette (not me clearly)!  The member of staff was great with Master T too and had a fabulous hybrid Thai/Yorkshire accent.

Master T is naturally suspicious of salad and declared the papaya salad ‘too spicy’ without really trying it.  I ate it though and it was gorgeous – so I would really recommend it if you get the chance.

Lunch Deal

The Thai buffet was just a one-off to show the fantastic dishes that are available, it won’t be something that happens frequently.  The restaurant has a lovely atmosphere and all the staff were welcoming and friendly.  They also do a cracking lunchtime deal on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday of lunch for £8.95.

Thai Season by Pritsana Family Friendly Restaurant

Thai Season welcomed the children, and the children enjoyed their food.  I think if we were ordering from the menu for them, there would be plenty they would like.  We were told that they could make the dishes less spicy for the children.