Best Use of Snack Credits at Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Best use of snack credits at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.  It’s taken me *forever* to organize all my photos from our recent trip to Disney.  I took photos of restaurant menus so you can see what you can use your snack credits on in each park.  I also took photos of the actual snack credits we bought (and ate!).  I would love to see your photos, so please do email any of your own ‘best use of snack credits in Magic Kingdom’ photos!  ‘Snacks’ cover a whole range of food items from drinks, ice creams and desserts, to savory snacks that you could use as a full lunch. 


Just remember to look for the little pink and white square next to the menu item – that’s how you know it qualifies as a snack credit.

The Lunching Pad, Magic Kingdom

Pecos Bill’s Magic Kingdom

Orange Juice

Strawberry Lemonade Slushy

Pinochio Village Haus, Magic Kingdom

Popcorn Stand, Magic Kingdom

Sleepy Hollow, Magic Kingdom

Vanilla Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich


Storybook Treats, Magic Kingdom

Hot Fudge Sundae

Tortuga Tavern, Magic Kingdom

Auntie Gravity’s, Magic Kingdom

Casey’s Corner, Magic Kingdom

Columbia Harbour House, Magic Kingdom


Liberty Square Market, Magic Kingdom


Best use of snack credits in Disney’s Magic Kingdom

best use of snack credits in Magic Kingdom

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  1. yummy, can’t wait to try a funnel cake for breakfast this year

    1. I passed the Funnel Cake stand in Hollywood Studios and told my family we were going to go back and get one (and then we got sidetracked and didn’t!). Bah!

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