Luxury Travel: How Private Jet Chartering Works

Certainly, flying on a chartered jet provides an exceptional level of opulence and VIP treatment. When you opt for a chartered jet, you are allocated an entire crew and plane solely at your service, and if you choose to bring along some friends, they too can partake in this exceptional experience.


Air travel is one of the most expensive forms of transportation. The cost of a flight is affected by the cost of crew members, airport fees, maintenance, and more. All of this comes into play when you consider hiring a private jet. You can find cost information for private jets by checking out some sites that offer the service.


Owning a private jet can be even more pricey, and chartering one comes as a solution. The chartering company will ensure all services are available and the plane is safe to fly. Before you decide to charter, consider these questions.

Why Fly Private?


Most people who fly privately do so because they can afford it. It’s a common practice among the rich, as they enjoy the luxurious side of life. Flying privately also presents a lot of advantages. 


Flying privately means you’ll be able to bypass airport formalities such as queues, checking in, and weighing your luggage. 


Flying private means you arrive at your destination on time and are still in perfect mental and physical shape. This is great, especially for executives and CEOs who need to attend meetings across the globe without any delays. 


There’s a lot of flexibility regarding the proximity of airports and your needs. This is another advantage, as customers can select an airport closest to them. Private aircraft also benefit from landing in various airports, unlike commercial flights. 


Some aircraft come equipped with office amenities, making it easy to work on the flight, especially if you need to catch up on some work before you arrive. 

How To Find a Charter Company? 

Finding a suitable company based on your travel needs may require some research to ensure you land in the right hands. You’ll need to consider whether you’ll travel a short or long distance. Also, consider if you’ll be travelling alone or with some colleagues and friends. 


On some standard charter options, you can choose to fly semi-private. This means flights are shared with someone else on a jet-sized aircraft. With this service, you can still enjoy the perks of a private jet at a much lower rate. 

How Much Will It Cost to Charter a Jet?

Factors such as the length of your flight, class of charter, and the type of jet determine the price of your private flight. When chartering a jet, you might need to pay for a membership. Your membership will commonly determine how much of the perks you can enjoy. There are four types of memberships which are: 

Charter Membership

This is an ideal membership, especially if you’re new, as it requires a little investment upfront. In this case, a nominal fee is charged, and you purchase time as needed. A charter membership gets you into the club, but getting an aircraft at short notice can be difficult. 

Fractional Membership

A fractional membership allows you to own a percentage of an aircraft, along with other people. This means the jet and the cost involved are shared with co owners. The amount can vary from thousands to millions depending on the size of the plane. These contracts are commonly for five years, and all fees include maintenance fees, acquisition fees and the hourly rate. 

A Jet Card Membership

Jet cards allow you to pay a base membership fee. Afterwards, you pay as you go based on your flight hours. 

Lease Membership

This functions similarly to a fractional membership, but you lease a share of the aircraft in this case. You can have a dry or wet lease. A dry lease means you find your crew members and pay any fees associated with ownership if you decide to fly. A wet lease provides all the additional items. 

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