Orlando Tickets: How To Plan A Family Holiday On A Budget

Planning a family holiday may not always seem like fun at first, but planning the trip on a budget sounds even scarier.  This is especially true if you’re planning to bring your entire family. Often, the more people you’ll be traveling with, the more time and effort it’ll require for you to plan the trip. … Read more

50+ Money Saving Tips for your Trip to Disney World

I came across this list of ‘Money-Saving Tips for Disney World’ on one of the fabulous Disney groups on Facebook.  It was written by Sharon Jones just after getting back from Disney, and I thought it had some fantastic insights and really useful tips!  Sharon is from Wales in the UK but there are so … Read more

How Much Spending Money Do I Need for Disney?

One question I get asked a lot with regard to trips to Disney is “how much spending money will I need?”. Now, as you can imagine there is not one answer that fits all. But with a bit of thought you can work out roughly how much you will need for each day and then … Read more

Disney Dining Plan – What’s Included and is it Worth It?

The Disney Dining Plan – is it worth it? It’s a bit of a tricky question but you can work out whether it is worth it for your trip. To start with, at various points in the year you can book Disney accommodation and receive free dining.  It’s absolutely worth doing this if you are … Read more

5 Great Things to do in Orlando that are not Disney!

As you probably know, we love everything to do with Disney, but what else is there to do in Orlando? 1) Wonderworks is an indoor amusement arcade inside a quirky upside down building. You can also see the Outta Control Comedy Show there (with unlimited pizza and beer!).  WonderWorks is an amusement park for the mind with 35,000 … Read more

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at Walt Disney World

There are two fabulous parties that I would love to do at Walt Disney World, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.  One of my best friend’s did the Halloween Party recently and here is what she has to say: Where is Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party held? In … Read more

Best Value Dinner Shows Orlando, Florida


Best Value Dinner Shows Orlando – I am currently researching our next trip to Orlando and am desperate to see a Dinner Show!  I’ve put a list together and have included what I think are the important points – what it is, how much it is and what food do you get included!  I like … Read more

7 Things you must do at Disneyland, California

Are you planning a trip to Disneyland, California? What are the best things to do once you arrive? What should you bring to Disneyland? Our full time traveling family enjoyed a month in California and a fun-filled day at Disneyland. Read on to find out the top 7 things you must do at Disneyland! While … Read more