How to Make DIY Frozen Inspired Elsa Minnie Ears

You might have gathered, we are huge Disney fans!  You can read my tips for packing for Disney and tips for first timers.

Here is my step by step guide to creating Frozen inspired Elsa Minnie ears.  I love making things with Miss H and we often ‘craft’ together.  Realistically, this means me clearing the dining table, getting all the craft stuff out, planning an activity and then tidying up afterwards, while Miss H spends ten happy minutes ‘crafting’ before going back to doing what she was doing beforehand anyway!

Frozen Inspired Elsa Minnie Ears

Here is our latest creation ready for when we go back to Disney World – Elsa from Frozen, inspired Minnie Mouse ears!  They don’t take long to do (unless you are trying to photo what you are doing for a blog post and then it takes ages!) but the result is great! 

‘How to’ Guide

I have put together a step by step guide to creating them including (drumroll…!) a downloadable pdf pattern (feeling quite smug about my technical ability there!).  Oh, and at the bottom I mention where I bought the items and prices if you want to look.

Anyway, enough waffle, here we go…

List of things you will need for making DIY Minnie Ears

  • Minnie ears
  • Elsa blue/turquoise felt (24cm x 12cm)
  • A snowflake brooch
  • Card – not too thick, I used the side of a cereal box
  • Glue gun (or normal glue)

Step by Step guide to making your own Elsa Minnie Ears

Print out my lovingly created PDF pattern here.  Then cut it out.  

Every headband is different, so before you start, place the pattern against the curve or your headband and cut it to the right curve.

Take your pattern and trace around it onto the felt- you will need two felt pieces.


How to make Frozen Elsa Minnie Ears

Cut out the felt – be generous and cut outside the line.  The line will be on the inside of the crown anyway and won’t be seen.

Trace the pattern onto your thin card.  As I mentioned earlier I used the side of a cereal box.

How to make Frozen Elsa Minnie Ears

Cut out the card – cut inside the line as the card needs to be smaller than the felt.

Lay the felt down, pen side up and apply glue.  Then stick one of the pieces of card to the felt.  Repeat this with the other piece.

Lay the ears on top of the card/felt combo and trace around the ears.  This will give you an idea of where to put the glue.

I have drawn pink flowers all over the area you need to put the glue.  I didn’t need to – I just enjoyed doing it!

How to make Frozen Elsa Minnie Ears

Place the Minnie ears right side up on the glue where you want them to be.

How to make Frozen Elsa Minnie Ears

Next is the trickiest bit.  Put glue all over the remaining felt/card combo and carefully place at the front of the Minnie ears, lining it up with the back one.

Try and pinch the edges together for a neat finish.  If you are using a glue gun, this is the point where you will burn yourself.  I’d say it was fairly inevitable!

Finally add your snowflake decoration.  I used a costume jewelery brooch and attached it like you would a brooch on a dress.  This way I thought it could be used again when the Minnie ears are past their best (though, if you are anything like us you will have lost them long before this point!).  You could of course glue a brooch or some gems on instead.


Finally – have a fab time wearing your Frozen Elsa Minnie ears!


Where to buy everything and how much it cost me.


I bought a pack of 12 Minnie ears online for £9.65 ($12.08 USD) so they worked out at 80p each ($1 USD).  You can make your own, but I felt at this price it probably wasn’t worth it.  The brooch was £1.10 ($1.37 USD) delivered.   Finally you can buy felt from Ebay – a 22cm x 22cm square is £1 (£1.25 USD) delivered and should make two pairs of ears. 

In total the project cost me £2.40 or $3.00 USD!



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