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Food, Dining Deal, Menus – SeaWorld Orlando Restaurants

Food, Dining Deal, Menus – SeaWorld Orlando Restaurants

Food at SeaWorld Orlando.  I always like to have a look at the food offerings of places we are about to visit so I can plan ahead of time where we will eat.  So, for that reason on our recent trip to SeaWorld Orlando, Florida, I took pictures of all the menus and restaurants I saw!  Before you scroll on to them though – let me tell you about the two deals they offer around food and drink.

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All Day Dining Deal – SeaWorld

The big package is the ‘All Day Dining Deal’.  Priced at $34.99 per adult and $19.99 per child, it allows you to eat as much as you would like that day.  If you are going to be there all day and plan to eat 2-3 times then it’s definitely worth it.  The deal allows you one entree (main course), one side and one drink each.  You are allowed to visit once an hour.  The deal is only valid for the one day.

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All-you-can-drink Drinks Package

They also have a drinks package.  As soon as we entered the park, I saw a stand selling promotional cups (beakers really) for drinks. You could buy a promotional cup (ours was around $13), and then have it refilled for 99¢ per refill or $6.99 for unlimited refills for the day. I persuaded Mr W that this was a good idea, and I am so glad I did! I lost count of the number of times we refilled it – but it was well into double figures! At around $3-4 a drink it makes economic sense, and ensured that we were drinking all day (and it was a pleasant change to water fountains!).  Like the ‘All Day Dining Deal’ the refills are only valid for the one day – but the biggest cost is the cup.  Once you have that you can just pay the $6.99 per day for unlimited soda drinks.

Food Photos at SeaWorld

I really wanted to try one of the eat in restaurants, but we were hungry and near a hot dog stall, so that’s what we ended up buying.  The menu is here:

[singlepic id=1105 w= h= float=center]

and a picture of my hotdog (American hot dogs are so nice!)

[singlepic id=1107 w= h= float=center]

and Miss H went for the ubiquitous chicken nuggets.

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Menus at SeaWorld Orlando Restaurants

Below are photos I took of restaurants and food stands as well as menus.  Seeing actual menus is great I think as then you know not only what is available, but how much it will cost you!

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5 thoughts on “Food, Dining Deal, Menus – SeaWorld Orlando Restaurants”

  • We just went to SeaWorld on July 18, 2018. This blog helped us to decide that we were going to buy the All-Day Dining plan for our family of 4. Since I didn’t see any 2018 updates, I wanted to share what we learned in the hopes that it helps another family. We parked at 8:30 am when the parking lot opened and left at 8:00 pm. So, we were there all day.

    There are a couple of things to note when thinking about this that were not addressed on any other site (including the terms on the SeaWorld Orlando site). First, drinks are unlimited without needing to buy the additional refillable drink bottle package. I was under the impression based on the description by SeaWorld that drinks were limited to 1 per hour like food; however, they are unlimited and you can get them at a participating restaurant location OR a permanent snack station (not the movable food carts, but the permanent buildings serving snacks and drinks).

    The second point is that the kids meal plan allows them to get 1 kids meal (usually included fries and applesauce),1 kids beverage, AND 1 side item. The description that SeaWorld shows on the website does not state they get the additional side item; however, every restaurant we went to told us that it was included.

    Our family of 4 ate pretty conservatively. We had 2 adult plans and 2 kids plans which costed $117.12 (including taxes). We ate a total value of $255.14! We were there all day and made sure to stay hydrated since the drinks were unlimited. Here’s the rundown of what we ate:

    We each had 1 muffin, 1 cup of fresh fruit (like a SOLO cup size), and a drink (1 OJ and 3 Dasani waters)

    Drink break: 4 bottles of Dasani water

    Lunch at Voyagers:
    Adult 1: Rib Sampler, slice of cake, and soda
    Adult 2: Rib Plate, side salad, Dasani water
    Kid 1: Kids Rib Plate (with fries and kids drink), slice of cake
    Kid 2: Kids Rib Plate (with fries and kids drink), slice of cake

    Adult 1: Cup of fresh strawberries (SOLO cup size) and 1 soda
    Adult 2: Cup of Sopapillas (like cinnamon sugar chips) and 1 soda
    Kid 1: Cup of Sopapillas and 1 soda
    Kid 2: Cup of Sopapillas and 1 soda

    Drink break: 4 sodas

    Dinner at Spice Mill:
    Adult 1: Fish sandwich meal, dill pickle, 1 soda
    Adult 2: Fish sandwich meal, jello cup, 1 soda
    Kid 1: Chicken nugget kids meal (with fries and applesauce), jello cup, 1 kids soda
    Kid 2: Chicken nugget kids meal (with fries and applesauce), jello cup, 1 kids soda

    Drink break:
    2 sodas and 2 bottles of Dasani water

    For our family, we ate a value of $138.02 over what we paid. It was definitely worth buying the plan for us and we would do it again! I hope this helps someone!

    • Hi Angela,

      Thank you so much for this, it’s absolutely brilliant information and exactly what I would want to know before I went!

      In fact when we go again I shall do the same as you.

      I am away at the moment but when I get back I will mention your comment at the beginning of the post so people don’t miss it!

      Thanks for taking the time to write such detail, it’s really appreciated!

      Nikki x

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