Places to Eat and Restaurants in Pocklington

Places to eat and Restaurants in Pocklington – we have lots of great restaurants in Pocklington with a diverse choice of food, and many more opening all the time.

The Market Tap

Brew York’s first Tap Room outside of York. 18 lines of Craft Beer, two Ciders and a wide selection of Wine, Spirits Hot Drinks & refreshments.  We visited on a day when they had Yuzu – and Asian Popup Kitchen in.

See our full review of The Market Tap and Yuzu here.

Yuzu at The Market Tap, Pocklington

Stamford’s Bar and Grill

Stamford’s Bar and Grill have an excellent selection of steaks including the 30oz Porterhouse which sounds most impressive! 

I have written a brief review of Stamford’s with food photos.

Steak at Stamford's Pocklington

Thai Season by Pritsana

Thai Season by Pritsana is on the A1079 where the Steer Inn used to be.  Fabulous Thai food in a lovely environment. 

I have reviewed the Thai Season here.

Thai Season by Pritsana Restaurant Pocklington York

Gio’s Italian Diner on the A1079 near Pocklington

One of the more unusual restaurants near Pocklington.  Gio’s Italian Diner does not have a website so I have linked to their Facebook page.  I have only visited Gio’s the once but I absolutely loved it.  Very reasonably priced, excellent food and a quirky location heading towards York on the A1079. 

Read my full review of Gio’s Italian Diner here.

Gio's Italian Diner

Jack’s Restaurant, Pocklington

We do have a Chinese Restaurant in Pocklington that has recently changed hands.  It used to be The Garden Chinese but is now Jack’s Restaurant.  There isn’t a website I am afraid. 

See my review of Jack’s Restaurant, Pocklington here.

Jacks Restaurant Pocklington Chinese Takeaway Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup

Judson’s, Pocklington

Judson’s is a firm favourite of mine.  It’s a wine bar and restaurant, with a nice modern atmosphere and outdoor tables that are heated in the winter. They have a seasonal specials menu and try to source local produce.  My favourite is the Givendale flat iron steak with hand cut chips.

Pane e Vino Italian Restaurant

Pane e Vino is an Italian Restaurant in the centre of Pocklington.  It’s family run and serve traditional Italian and Sardinian food.  I’m often told that it’s very family friendly.

JJ’s Bar and Kitchen

JJ’s in Pocklington isn’t the easiest to spot at first glance.  It’s on the first floor and accessed from a door to the right of the Co-op.  While that makes it sound most unglamorous, you’ll get a real shock when you go up there.  It’s light and spacious and has a great contemporary feel to the decor.  Plus they have a Gin Bar!  They serve pub classics, a good range of burgers and pizzas.  I have visited for a drink but not for food as yet!

The Bengal Lounge, Pocklington

I love both of the Indian Restaurants in Pocklington.  The Bengal Lounge has great food, courteous service and a nice atmosphere. 

Sonali Indian Restaurant

Another great Indian Restaurant in Pocklington.  Fab customer service and I love the atmosphere in here with the smaller more intimate rooms.  Good food too.


Restaurants in Pocklington York

Feel free to email me if I have missed your favourite restaurant out, or (better still) let me know if you’d like me to come and review.  I am always happy to chat!


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