Stamford’s Bar and Grill, Pocklington – Review

I visited Stamford’s Bar and Grill in Pocklington for the first time this week.  It was a casual meal with some friends so I don’t have as many food photos as I would normally like (an excuse to return?).  It’s on Union Street, a little side street off Market Street where you wouldn’t normally expect to see a restaurant.  (Before it was Stamford’s it was a traditional pub where I played darts and pool with the school mummies a couple of years ago – bit of personal history there for you.)

Modern Surroundings at Stamford’s Bar and Grill, Pocklington

I was pleasantly surprised as soon as I entered the building. There is a comfortable and modern bar area where you can have a drink or wait for your tardy friends (Spoiler: I am always one of the tardy ones).

Stamford's Pocklington

Impressive Steak List

The tables within the restaurant are similarly comfortable and contemporary. It’s a bit more expensive than we are used to in Pocklington, with steaks starting at £16.95 for a 8oz rump, but there is plenty on the menu that isn’t steak, at a more affordable price.  I ordered the 10oz Ribeye (£22.95) and it came perfectly cooked (medium) with some great chunky chips and homemade (?) onion rings. I quickly offloaded the mushroom and tomatoes to my (less tardy, but tomato and mushroom loving) friends.

Stamford's Pocklington

Stamford’s Burgers

My friends both ordered burgers, which is terribly selfish I think – I wanted them to order different dishes so I had more food photos for my review.  But what can you do.  Their burgers did look nice though –

Stamford's Pocklington

The basic burger will set you back £11.75.


A good addition to Pocklington’s restaurants

The staff were all polite and friendly.  My only complaint is that I wasn’t offered more glasses of wine anywhere nearly as quickly as I would have liked. I am sure I could have fitted an extra glass in!  All in all, a great addition to Pocklington’s restaurants I would say.  It has a different, more laid back vibe than Judson’s, but a similar slant towards current, stylish (and tasty) food.

I’d love to return and try the Porterhouse steak.  It’s £55 but you share a whopping 30oz steak between two with all the trimmings, plus three sides of your choice and two sauces.


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