Pumpkin Picking at The Balloon Tree near York

We recently spent a lovely day at The Balloon Tree near York, having lunch and picking pumpkins.  The Balloon Tree has lots of different ‘PYO’ – Pick Your Own produce at different times of the year.  We have been strawberry picking in the past, but they also raspberries, gooseberries, currants, peas, broad beans, blueberries, plums and blackberries as well as what we were there for – pumpkins!  If you don’t have time to pick your own, they have a huge selection of every size and shape in the shop!  Pumpkins are ready to pick from late September onwards.

PYO Balloon Tree Pumpkins

This bumpy pumpkin caused great hilarity!  Oh to be ten again…

PYO Pumpkins at The Balloon Tree

Pick Your Own Pumpkins at The Balloon Tree

They also sell all manner of edible and decorative squashes and gourds.  Before the children when I had more time I would do lovely Autumnal displays with this sort of thing – these days I have enough on keeping on top of the washing – but one day I will again!

PYO Pumpkins at The Balloon Tree

PYO – Pick your own Pumpkin Patch near York

The field of pumpkins are behind the shop and cafe and you pass this jolly giant on your way (photo opportunity!).

PYO Pumpkins at The Balloon Tree

There are wheelbarrows to take down there as pumpkins can be very heavy.  The only problem with this is that Miss H wanted a free ride back with her pumpkin on board too – I managed about 20 yards before making her push it herself!

The girls spent ages choosing and comparing pumpkins on the pumpkin patch.

Pick your Own Pumpkin Patch

They finally settled on the chosen ones!

The Balloon Tree has a lovely cafe and children’s play area so makes a great day out too.  Have a look at our review of lunch in the Balloon Tree Cafe.  Oh and there is a farm shop with lots of food and gifts to take home too.

Outdoor play area at The Balloon Tree, York.

The Balloon Tree invited us to visit and review – as always all opinions expressed are my own.


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