Kids’ Golf Lessons at The KP in Pocklington, nr York

Kids’ Golf Lessons at The KP in Pocklington, nr York

Junior golf lessons for kids? On a Saturday morning you will find me drinking a latte while gazing at this view over the golf course at The KP in Pocklington. What is the reason for such decadence I hear you ask, when you have young children to be entertaining? Well, as a matter of fact, I am here as Master T is learning how to play golf.

Junior Golf at the KP Golf Club, Pocklington

He has been having golf lessons for almost a year now and he loves it. I love the free wi-fi and the coffee and cookies in The KP restaurant.

There is even a small children’s play area outside to entertain Miss H when she joins me. I prefer it when she stays home though and I don’t have to push her on the swings!

Oliver Cross Golf

Anyway, back to the golf. He is taught by Oliver Cross. Oliver is young and cool and a great role model who Master T looks up to. He is great with the kids, strict enough but teaches with humour, and he is very likeable.  You can read all about his golfing credentials on his web page.  I don’t understand them, but they sound impressive!  Oliver is Head of Instruction at the KP Club, Pocklington, and teaches everyone, not just Junior Golf.

Golf classes for children from age 5 to 12+

There are classes for all ages: Key Stage 1 – 5-7 year olds, Key Stage 2 – 8-11 year olds and Key Stage b3 – 12+ year olds.   Classes vary and are not just on a Saturday morning, so do email Oliver for when they are running as it does change throughout the year.

Golf Camps during the School Holidays

Oliver also runs golf camps during the school holidays.


Find out more about Junior Golf Lessons for kids.

Drop Oliver an email to fine out when the next children’s golf lessons are running.


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