Half Term at Creepy Crawlies Soft Play, York

We braved a very busy Tuesday in Creepy Crawlies, this half term. It’s the biggest soft play centre in York.  It was, as would be expected, quite manic, but we managed to secure a parking space (they have an overspill car park) and a table which are the things that matter most to me!

The children had a great time as always on the play equipment. They managed to avoid hurting other children and in turn managed to avoid anyone else hurting them (as far as I witnessed anyway!) So all was good!

Food at Creepy Crawlies

They have put a new menu on since we last visited which I handily managed to snap for those interested here:

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My friend had a baked potato and chili and it looked great, a decent sized portion too. I unhandily* didn’t manage to snap it. So if anyone is visiting soon and fancies sending me a picture of their lunch, that would be (strangely) good.

The children and I shared a pizza, which are freshly made and always very good. Go for the larger size, much better value for money. Is it sad that I once sat in Creepy Crawlies and (with the aid of Google and Pi) calculated the surface area of the 7″ and the 12″ pizza? For your information, as I can imagine you there desperate to know now: the area of a 7” pizza is just over 38 inches, the area of a 12” pizza is 113 inches. (Bear with, bear with, I am getting to the point!). So, for example, if you choose the Classic Pepperoni (nice choice!) a 7” pizza will cost you £5.25 while a 12” will cost you £7.35.

So, to summarize and I know you have zoned out now…

The 12” pizza is almost three times the size of the 7”! There we are, this blog is both educational and will get you more pizza for your hard earned pennies!

What is there to do?

Anyway, I digress! For those who have not been to Creepy Crawlies, there is the huge play equipment in the middle of the indoor area, as well as a small area for babies and the under fives. There is also a little row of shops perfect for the under fives for imaginative play. For the more boisterous there is a small enclosed area for football and a ‘shooting gallery’ where children can launch missiles at each other from behind the safety of large nets. This is my son’s favourite area, and he can generally be located here waging a jovial war on other small feral boys.

Sorry for the blurry picture, but you get an idea of the size of the slide.

[singlepic id=37 w= h= float=center]
Outside there is another huge play area with climbing frames and swings as well as a big sand pit. There is a pedal go cart area that I think is now for under fives, and an electric go cart track towards where the animals are kept. This is £1 a go but does fit two children in at once. Don’t be fooled into thinking this will save you money though as you will still end up paying for two goes to avoid the ‘who goes at the front’ squabble.


[singlepic id=36 w= h= float=center]

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Right at the very back of the outside area you will find the animals. There are not many but it adds an extra dimension to the day. You will find rabbits, donkeys, goats and more.

More Food

If you are feeling particularly generous to your little monkeys you could treat them to an ice cream or even some candy floss from the candy floss machine. I love the candy floss machine. You will find me there, frazzled and deafened by my day in creepy crawlies, but still managing a little jiggle to the jolly strains of ‘I Love Candy’ as the bright pink sugar is spun around my little wooden stick.

[singlepic id=26 w= h= float=center]


Prices and Website

Creepy Crawlies also cater for children’s parties.  You can find out more information here:


They have a Off Peak/Peak pricing policy.  Adults are £1/£1.50, Under 1s £1, 1-3 Years £5/£6 and 4-15 Years £6/£7.


Your Thoughts?

I would say that Creepy Crawlies is the best soft play centre in York but would love to hear about any others you have found.  I am always pleased to see comments on my blog posts.


*Yes, I know unhandily is not a real word.


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