Eyebrow Threading and Pinching at Blink Brow Bar, York – Review

This week I visited Blink Brow Bar (BBB London) at Fenwick in Coppergate, York.  They specialise in all things brow and eyelash related and I was treated to eyebrow threading and eyebrow pinching.  If, like me you are unsure what that means, bear with and I will elaborate! 

The Blink Brow Bar is in a little open room on the ground floor of Fenwick to the left as you walk in through all the enticing make up and perfume counters (try to remember not to wear perfume that day so you can indulge in trialling a new scent!).

Blink Brow Bar York Review

You can make an appointment or you can simply drop in. Whilst I was there a couple of people dropped in, were given a time, then wandered off to shop or have coffee while they were waiting. Fenwick has a Carluccio’s in store and an pop up outside too for al fresco drinks on nicer days. I recently reviewed the Carluccio’s in St Helen’s Square if you are considering lunch after your treatments.

The therapist was very knowledgeable and gave me lots of advice on my skin care routine. She also took time to advise on the best colour eyebrow pencil for me after my treatments, trying different colours on me so I could see the results. Before my appointment I eavesdropped on a conversation between her and another customer and she was just as helpful, and clearly valued.

Blink Brow Bar York Review

Eyebrow Threading

In the past I’ve always had my eyebrows waxed and this was the first time I had tried threading.  If you’ve never tried it either, the hair is removed with twisted cotton that is very effective at whipping the hairs out!  It takes a bit longer than waxing but is gentler on the skin and you can get a more precise line.  I find any form of depilation a tad painful it has to be said, but the results were worth it!

Blink Brow Bar York Review

Eyebrow Pinching

Next came the Eyebrow Pinching.  Now, in contrast to how it sounds, the therapist is not about to steal your eyebrows and run off with them! Eyebrow pinching is a treatment intended to increase blood flow to the eyebrow area to encourage thicker hair growth.  According to the website, it’s ‘A new 10 minute treatment based on Ayurvedic principles which aims to target key pressure points around the eye and brow area. Helps to reduce puffiness and rejuvenate eyes.’  It’s not painful though, far from it, it’s a lovely relaxing treatment. A firm facial and head massage concentrating on pulse points. If you are out shopping or on your lunch break I’d recommend popping in to try it, it’s 10 minutes of bliss.

Blink Brow Bar York Review

Before Brow Threading

Ok, I know you’d like to see before and after pictures.  Here is me (in the car beforehand, feeling self conscious, I loathe having my photo taken) with my natural brows:

Blink Brow Bar York Review

After Brow Threading

Here is me afterwards – back in the car, still feeling self conscious!  The therapist used BBB’s own ‘Ultimate Arch Definer’ on my brows to darken them.  This colour is ‘Chai’.  Go along though and ask her to try the different colours on you first, as it will look different on different skin tones.

Blink Brow Bar York Review

As you can see they look so much better now!


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Many thanks for Blink Brow Bar for inviting me to come and review – as always all opinions expressed are my own.