Stoupa Holidays – a Family Beach Holiday in Stoupa Greece

Stoupa holidays – a family beach holiday in Stoupa Greece.  We visit Stoupa Greece every year and stay at Villa Serendipity, it’s a large village on the Mani Peninsula, in the Peloponnese. It’s part of mainland Greece, about three and a half hours South of Athens.  It’s nice to combine this relaxed beach holiday with a trip to Athens where there are lots of things to do.

Kalamata – the nearest airport to Stoupa Greece

The nearest airport is Kalamata, a city famous the world over for its olives and pure olive oil. It’s the biggest town on the Mani and has lots of hotels and tavernas along the beach as well as large shops and supermarkets. You may find it useful to rent a car in Greece to explore even more. 

Stoupa Holidays – a Family Friendly Destination in Greece

Stoupa is a lovely, family friendly place. Stoupa holidays are absolutely perfect for a simple beach holiday with lots of sunshine and good food. The main beach is set around the arc of a lovely bay, the sand is soft and golden with a few pebbly areas to play with. The water is a beautiful clear blue and generally shallow immediately next to the beach, so perfect for small paddlers.  Master T loves his wetsuit for snorkelling in the colder months.  Unless you go in very busy season (mainly August) then the beach is relatively quiet. We often visit at Easter or October half term when the Stoupa weather is ‘hot, but not too hot’ and the temperatures are in the mid-twenties. The resort is relaxed and laid back and we usually have most of the beach to ourselves. 

Behind the beach sweeps the main beach road that is closed to cars in the busier months. Lining the bay are an abundance of tavernas and bars, more tavernas than noisy bars I am pleased to say. If you are looking for nightclubs then Stoupa is not for you. The restaurants are very reasonably priced on the whole – half a litre of wine costs just a few euro and although you might pull a face initially it definitely improves after the first couple of glasses!

Bars and Restaurants in Stoupa Greece

The beachfront bars and restaurants are a perfect place to sit and watch the sunset over the bay after a fun day on the beach, with a glass of wine or an indulgent cocktail.  Pretty much all of the bars and restaurants in Stoupa have free wi-fi too, so you can show off your favourite snaps on Facebook, or keep the kids quiet with YouTube.

Children’s Menus

Children are warmly welcomed in the tavernas in Stoupa. They are always made a fuss of, which my two enjoy. All of the restaurants feature a children’s menu, but you can also request a half plate of a dish and be charged half the price if, like mine, your children are a little more adventurous in their tastes. 

Day Trips from Stoupa Greece

There are several interesting day trips to be taken Stoupa, exploring ancient ruins and fortresses. Our children particularly liked the Caves of Diros where you take a boat ride through stunning underground caverns. 

We were also struck by Ancient Messine, one of the most important excavated cities in Greece.  You will be stunned by the size and scale of it.

Stoupa holidays are a lovely time to relax with your family in this hidden part of Greece.

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  1. Great article. I’ve been to Stoupa many times, it’s so lovely. I’m lucky I have friends who live there,(which is why I started going in the first place). Last summer and this summer, we have been fortunate enough to stay for a few months. I really want to bring my grandchildren over this time though so thanks for the tips.

    • It really is a lovely place. We are visiting again at Easter. I look forward to when we can stay a few months at a time 🙂

    • Hi Anastasia, we stay in a private villa (Villa Serendipity), but there are lots of hotels there too. It’s a small resort and there are plenty of gift shops but for proper shopping you would need to go to Kalamata (about 30km away). The gift shops sell plenty of beachwear though. Nikki x

  2. Lovely photos! I used to send lots of families to Stoupa when I was a travel agent, I always heard great feedback. Would love to visit with my kids. They’d love the caves and the beach.

    • It’s a lovely place and we go there regularly and really enjoy it. I could do with some Greek sun today!

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