Planning our Kitchen Extension

This spring we are planning an extension to our kitchen. It’s a small kitchen, very long and quite narrow so we are extending to the side. This should hopefully create a nice wide kitchen as well as a new entrance and small utility room.

I have been looking for ideas for what we can put down on the floor.  At the moment we have vinyl tiles but they are not the best quality, when we have our lovely new kitchen I want something a bit more luxurious.  I have been looking at solid oak flooring for the kitchen itself and am thinking a nice dark coloured oak would work really well with the light grey shaker cabinets I have planned.

I also want to focus on some good lighting.  Overhead spotlights for when I am cooking and I need a bright light.  I also want some mood lighting, perhaps under the wall cupboards or even in the kickboards.

I am also planning a pantry.  This fills me with great joy as I have always wanted one.  It will be a proper old fashioned walk in pantry where I can store all the crockery I have collected over the years.  I shall fill all my Kilner jars with flour and rice and arrange them prettily.  I may even have some fairy lights in there.  You can tell I have given this some thought can’t you?

From the outside I want the new entrance to be really welcoming, with some standard holly bushes at either side of the door and some jolly shiny brass door furniture.  At Christmas I like to make wreaths from the holly, bay and ivy we have in the garden.  A bunch of mistletoe never goes amiss either!

I shall have a large ‘welcome’ mat just inside the door and a bench where you can sit and take your shoes off.  I am also planning a huge cupboard to hide all the coat, wellies and schoolbags that just clutter everywhere up at the moment.   I genuinely think it will change our lives!