DisneyBounding as Ariel, The Little Mermaid

DisneyBounding as The Little Mermaid is a fun and creative way to pay homage to this beloved character without wearing a full costume.  It’s particularly good for costume parties for adults or, of course, in the Disney Parks.

Here are my suggestions for how you can DisneyBound as Ariel:

  • Colors: Ariel’s colour palette includes shades of green, purple, and teal. You can choose clothing items or jewellery in these colors to represent her.
  • Mermaid-inspired Tops: Look for a purple or teal top that resembles a seashell bra, or one with shell or scale-like patterns. A green or teal tank top or blouse can also work well.  I found this absolutely perfect top on Shein.

Little Mermaid Disney Bounding Costume


  • Mermaid Skirt or Leggings: Choose a skirt or leggings in a shimmery green or teal color to represent Ariel’s mermaid tail. Look for items that have a scale-like texture or pattern for an extra touch.  I think sequins work particularly well for this.  This green sequinned skirt even had a ‘fishtail’ flare at the bottom.  If it’s going to be hot weather, you could swap this for a short sequinned skirt, or even hot-pants!

Little Mermaid Disney Bounding Costume


  • Accessories:
    • Hair: Ariel is known for her vibrant red hair. If you have red hair, consider styling it in loose waves or curls. If not, you can wear a red wig or add red hair extensions.
    • Headband or Tiara: Find a headband or tiara with seashell or starfish embellishments to mimic Ariel’s crown.  Otherwise, how about these cure Ariel inspired Minnie Ears.

Little Mermaid Minnie Ears

    • Jewelry: Look for jewelry featuring shells, starfish, or other ocean-inspired motifs. A seashell necklace or bracelet can be a nice addition.  I found this lovely starfish necklace in Ariel’s signature colours.
  • Little mermaid costume
    • Flower: Ariel often wears a flower in her hair. You can add a faux flower clip or hairpin to complete the look.
    • Mermaid Bag: Carry a purse or tote bag in the shape of a seashell or with mermaid-themed designs.  Or how about this cute red Crab shaped bag, just like Sebastian!

Little Mermaid Disney Bounding

  • Shoes: Opt for footwear in colors that complement your outfit, such as green, teal, or purple flats or sandals.
  • Makeup: You can incorporate Ariel’s colors into your makeup look with green or teal eye-shadow, purple lipstick or lip gloss, and maybe even some shimmer to give a mermaid-like glow.

Remember, DisneyBounding is all about using everyday clothing items to evoke the essence of a character, so feel free to get creative and add your own personal touches to your Little Mermaid-inspired outfit!


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Disney Bounding as The Little Mermaid