Tinkerbell Inspired Outfit for Disney Bounding Cosplay

Tinkerbell is an excellent character to Disney Bound as.  The pieces can be picked up cheaply and reused as normal wear (perhaps not all at the same time!).  Here is our list of suggestions for a brilliant Tinkerbell cosplay for adults, and the places where you can buy them.

1. Green Dress or Tunic:

  • This green dress makes a perfect base of your costume. It is in a bright shade of green to match Tinkerbell’s iconic color.

Tinkerbell Disney Bounding

You will find this dress for just £6/$8 on Shein currently.  It will be nice and light for a hot day in the parks!

Or, what about this one – bit of a slinkier number!

Tinkerbell dress disney bounding


2. Fairy Wings:

  • Purchase or make a pair of fairy wings.  These wings are transparent and glittery to give them a magical pixie-dust touch.

Tinkerbell wings for adults


3. Pixie Dust:

  • Carry a small pouch filled with glitter or sparkly confetti to represent Tinkerbell’s pixie dust. You can sprinkle it as you move around – make sure it is biodegradable and bird friendly though!

4. Shoes:

  • Wear a pair of green or white ballet flats or sandals to match the outfit. Tinkerbell is often depicted wearing simple, delicate shoes.

Tinkerbell shoes

Also buy or make a couple of white pom poms for that special Tink touch!

Tinkerbell cosplay



5. Hair and Makeup:

  • Style your hair in a bun or loose curls, adorned with flowers or a tiara.  If your hair isn’t long enough to put in a bun, you can buy a faux bun like the one below – no-one will ever know!
  • For makeup, keep it simple with a natural look. Add some green or gold eye shadow to match the theme. Don’t forget to add a touch of glitter for extra sparkle!

6. Accessories:

  • Consider adding accessories such as a wand, a fairy dust necklace, or a flower crown to complete the look.

7. DIY Option:

  • If you’re feeling crafty, you can make your own Tinkerbell costume. Use green fabric to sew a dress or tunic, and add details like sequins or glitter for extra sparkle. You can also make your own wings using wire, sheer fabric, and glitter.

8. Attitude:

  • Finally, don’t forget to embody Tinkerbell’s feisty and mischievous personality! Be confident and energetic as you bring the character to life.

With these tips, you’ll be ready to spread some pixie dust and enchant everyone in the parks as Tinkerbell!


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Disney Bounding as Tinkerbell