T-REX in Disney Springs – Restaurant Review

T-REX in Disney Springs – Restaurant Review

I managed to get a last minute booking for T-REX in Disney Springs on our recent trip to Walt Disney World and I am so glad I did! We thought it was brilliant! The whole restaurant had fantastic theming both outside and in.

It was very comfortable with a feeling of being closeted in a cave.

There were lots of animatronic dinosaurs throughout.

Every 15 minutes sees a meteor shower descend, which stirs up the dinosaurs into a veritable cacophony! The lights change around the restaurant and it’s great dinner theatre!

Warn little ones ahead of time

If your little ones are of a nervous character, it might be an idea to warn them it will happen – there were some children on a nearby table that very crying and upset.

Talking of theatre, there is an open kitchen area (kitchen theatre?) Where chicken is spit roasted on a rotisserie.

The food was right up Mr Wonders street, being burgers, ribs and the aforementioned rotisserie chicken. We both ordered the Boneyard Buffet, a huge platter of ribs and chicken.

This is the Kids’ Menu at T-REX:

Master T went for a kids’ burger:

and Miss H went for a kids’ lasagne.  (She wasn’t impressed and pronounced it too ‘spicy’).

For dessert we went for the Chocolate Extinction shared dessert for the four of us, made up of chocolate fudge cake, whipped cream and ice cream. Again with attention to the theatrical, it came with a jug of dry ice in the centre that poured out ‘smoke’ in a dramatic representation of a volcano. The kids were mesmerised!


Quick Facts Guide – T-REX

Where is T-REX?

TREX is located in Disney Springs.

Is it included in the Disney Dining Plan?

TREX is included on the Disney Dining Plan and costs one table service credit.

What are the prices like?

A basic burger at dinner will set you back $15.99 at TREX.


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