Disney Bounding as Minnie Mouse – Regular and Plus Size Cosplay

There is nothing cuter than a Minnie Mouse Disney Bounding outfit and it’s really so easy to do with regular clothes than can be reused rather than buying a cheap and flimsy cosplay outfit that might not be allowed in the parks anyway!  I have suggestions for regular sizes and curve/plus sizes as this outfit works really well for both!

All my suggestions are from Shein as it’s both budget friendly and available worldwide.

Minnie Mouse Disney Bounding cosplay


A Minnie Mouse outfit typically includes a few key elements to capture her iconic look:

  • Red Polka Dot Dress or Skirt: Minnie is known for her red and white polka dot dress or skirt. Look for a dress or skirt with large white polka dots on a red background.

This dress is available in sizes UK6/US2 to UK24/US20.

Plus Size Minnie Mouse Disney Bounding cosplay


This dress is very similar in style but has a slightly shorter skirt, and is available in sizes UK6/US2 to UK24/US20.

Minnie Mouse cosplay polkadot dress


  • White Gloves: Minnie always wears white gloves.
  • Minnie Mouse Ears: The signature accessory of Minnie Mouse is her ears. You can either purchase a pair of Minnie Mouse ears or make your own using black headbands and black foam or fabric.

minnie mouse ears


  • Shoes: Minnie typically wears large, round-toe shoes. Ballet flats or Mary Jane-style shoes work well for this costume.  Just look at these super cute shoes.  Even the insole is cute!


minnie mouse shoes

  • Optional Accessories: You can also add other accessories to complete the look, such as a red bow for your hair or a tail if you’re going for a full costume.

Whether you’re putting together a costume for Halloween, a themed party, or just for fun, these elements will help you create a recognizable Minnie Mouse outfit.

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