20 Packing Tips for your Trip to Disney

So, you are excited about your trip to Disney and are looking for ideas for what to pack?  Here are 20 packing tips/ideas to get you started! Interspersed with a few of our own Disney pictures!   This post may contain compensated links, please see my disclosure page.

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  1. I shall start on a frivolous note – not to say they are not massively important though Minnie Mouse Mouse Earsor have a look at how we made our own Elsa Minnie ears! We love getting into the spirit of things in Disney and adore everything mouse related.  Plus they will look sooo cute in them!

  1. Comfortable shoes. This is so important at Disney as you will do so much walking!  I am taking trainers and sandals this time.  The sandals are from last year and well worn in (yes, they don’t look as good as they once did, but they won’t kill my feet!).  The trainers are new, so I must make an effort to break them in first.  I have written a whole post on what Disney fans recommend as the Best Shoes to buy for Disney.

  1. Take lots of Band-Aids/Plasters with you. This way you can cover up the blisters caused by the new trainers that you never managed to break in before the holiday (see point 1).  Plus the merest whiff of a scratch and the kids demand them (and then remove them roughly 20 minutes later before demanding a fresh one)


  1. On a similar theme – take a pared down first aid kit. Include the aforementioned band-aids/plasters, some insect bite cream, and paracetamol as it is harder to come by and more expensive in the states.  And perhaps some Advil Infants’ Ibuprofen or Calpol – otherwise known as ‘Magic Pink’ in our household for its transformation powers.


  1. Lip BalmI always pack plenty of this as my lips dry out on the plane and then don’t quite recover all holiday (note to self – pack lip salve in carry on luggage and apply liberally!)

20 Things to Pack for your Trip to Disney

  1. Fairly obvious this one, but easy to forget – Sunscreen. Pack plenty of high factor for the kids.  I like the spray ones as you can squirt them whilst they are running off moaning that they don’t want it on.


    1. Wet Wipes These are always handy when there are kids and ice cream involved.  Plus when it’s hot, it’s nice to have one to cool your face.


  1. Insect Repellent. If they are likely to bite you then bring some mozzie repellent.  Mosquito season is June through to October.  On a side note, why do I get eaten alive and Mr Wonders get scarcely nibbled? 

  1. Ever heard of a ‘Misting Fan’? Well, I hadn’t until someone else mentioned them to me.  It really does what it says on the tin.  Think a bottle of windolene with a little motorised fan at the top, so you sort of squirt the windolene* whilst fanning yourself.  Sounds daft, but I am convinced and will be getting one.  Maybe two as otherwise you know the kids will argue over it, and then I will end up carting them round the parks. *I don’t really think you should use windolene, I’d probably try water. 


  1. Here is another one you may or may not have heard of – Body Glide Anti-Chafe Balm. If you haven’t heard of it, it might just change your life.  It’s a product that looks a bit like a deodorant stick.  You apply it to your inner thighs and it magically reduces chaffing.  Chaffing is a very bad thing if you are walking for miles around hot and humid Disney parks.  You can always pretend you have bought it to rub on your feet to stop those new trainers (you know, the ones you were going to break in?) from rubbing.


  1. Disposable Ponchos – It can rain suddenly and rain hard in Florida (it’s generally warm though and dries straight up afterwards).  Yes, you might worry about looking a bit daft in them, but fear not, almost everyone wears them so you will fit right in – and stay dry! 

  1. I know it’s a bit of a cliché, but people often swear by Fanny Packs/Bumbags to keep all their bits in (less rude than it sounds). The kids think it is hilarious that they are called fanny packs in the States.  Never fails to raise a titter (matron).


  1. More practical and less of a comedy item – Laundry Detergent or tablets. Great for the laundrette or even just washing your pants in the sink in your hotel room.  Much cheaper than buying it in Disney in tiny boxes.


  1. Power Strip and a travel adapter. This serves two purposes, this way you don’t need to take lots of travel adapters, just one for the strip.  Also there might not be many plug points in the room for the myriad of electronic devices we travel with these days.

Packing Tips for Disney

  1. On a similar theme to number 13, consider investing in a multi point USB Hub, then all your devices can be charged at once from the one plug.


  1. Lipstick-Sized Portable Phone Charger  – these have changed my life. Ideal for popping in your bumbag (fannypack – snigger) to charge your phone while you are in the parks.  Especially important when you use your phone as a camera.  Buy the largest capacity power pack you can find, as you know the kids will drain it as soon as look at it.


  1. Pop-Up Laundry Bag. You know the ones they fold up flat?  Or even just a bin bag to chuck all the mucky clothes in.



  1. Tea Bags. Make sure you pack your favourite tea bags!


  1. Dishwashing Liquid. If you can find a tiny sample size this would be great.  Particularly useful if staying on Disney property with a refillable resort mug – this way you can give it a wash!


  1. Finally, if you have managed to read this far on my list of packing tips – Ziploc Bags. Useful for all manner of things from keeping your phone dry on water rides to sticking your wet ponchos in after a downpour.
  2. Packing Cubes – I have a fellow blogger written a whole post on these!


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  1. This was a fun list, as I only knew of a few of the things you mentioned…interesting to see what things are called outside of the US! We always make sure to bring a shoe holder (one of the cheap ones from dollar store) to organize the hotel room or hang on the stroller to hold drinks, and it’s been a wonderful tip for us. Glow sticks as well, so the boys aren’t begging us for souvenirs at nightfall!

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