How Much Spending Money Do I Need for Disney?

One question I get asked a lot with regard to trips to Disney is “how much spending money will I need?”. Now, as you can imagine there is not one answer that fits all. But with a bit of thought you can work out roughly how much you will need for each day and then you can times that by the amount of days you are there.  To start with, it depends which Disney Parks you are visiting.  The costs at Disneyland Paris for example are higher than Disney World Florida.

On your family trip to Walt Disney World one of the first questions to ask yourself is whether you are paying for your theme park tickets before you go. If you know where you are planning to visit you are more likely to save money buying a ticket package beforehand. If you don’t want to buy the tickets ahead of time you can research the on the gate prices online and factor that in to your spending money.

The next most important question is whether or not you have the Disney Dining Plan included on your vacation package. If you do, this will drastically reduce the amount of spends you will need as pretty much all of your food is covered. Just factor in some extra for any additional drinks and the tip (around 20% of the meal’s value).

If you are not on the Disney Dining Plan you can still work out how much spending money you will need for food. For example, are you staying in a hotel or a villa? If you are staying in a hotel, have a look at the websites of nearby restaurants where you would like to eat and price up what you are likely to order. If you are in a villa you might save some money by eating in or ordering takeaway.  Again, you can check the prices of takeaway food online.

The other main cost you need to consider is whether you are planning to go shopping in one of Orlando’s fabulous shopping malls, and only you know how much you might plan to spend there!


How much spending money do I need for Disney

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