Children’s Chocolate Workshop by Butterflies Chocolates

Children’s Chocolate Workshop by Butterflies Chocolates – Over the summer holiday we went along to a children’s chocolate workshop in Wilberfoss run by Butterflies Chocolates of Pocklingon.  As well as workshops they do children’s birthday parties which follow a similar format (worth knowing!).

The session was divided into various segments. At the beginning of each segment there was a demonstration of what the children were about to make. The first was a bar of chocolate that was then decorated. So hot melted chocolate was poured into a mould and the children were shown how to remove any air bubbles (by jiggling and tapping the mould!), then the over-spill of chocolate was scraped off the top.

The bar is embellished with lots of pretty edible decorations. The children then returned to their tables which were already set up with everything they needed including the fab decorative toppings. The melted chocolate was brought round and the children set to work with gusto! Their favourite bit of course was decorating their bars. Now, I have to say, I was a bit envious and would have loved a go at this myself! You can see what a fab job they did though:

Butterflies Chocolates Workshop

After the bars were set, labelled and taken away the next demonstration began – chocolate lollies.  The children then returned to their table and more lovely melted chocolate was poured for them in a circle.

Children's chocolate workshop Butterflies chocolates

The pattern is actually edible and sticks to the chocolate making a very pretty backing.  The children then added a stick before decorating.

Children's chocolate workshop Butterflies chocolates

Miss H loves strawberries and was very pleased when more melted chocolate with strawberries to dip were given out!  I was even more pleased that we were all given hot chocolate – delicious!

The final treat was to make these caramel stars.  The children were each given the ready made stars and then a piping bag full of caramel.  They piped caramel into each star before sealing them with more melted chocolate.  I must say that I tried a couple of these stars and they were – genuinely – the best chocolates I have had for a very long time.  They burst in your mouth and the gooey caramel explodes onto your tongue.  Absolute bliss!!

Star Chocolates

At the end of the session the children were given three clear bags and shown how to bag up all their lovely makes.  

See how fab they looked at the end of the session?

The children spent a lovely morning being creative and had lots of items to bring home at the end of it.  I have to say that they didn’t last long though!!

We were invited to attend the workshop and review.  As always, all opinions expressed are my own.