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The Sledmere Deer Safari at Sledmere House, Driffield

The Sledmere Deer Safari at Sledmere House, Driffield

The Sledmere Deer Safari over May half term at Sledmere House was magical. When the opportunity comes up again, you must go.

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You sit sideways on in a large trailer pulled along by a tractor, so you get a fabulous view. There are hundreds of deer, so don’t be thinking you might spot one haring off into the distance, you will see lots and lots of them – I (pinky) promise! They are relatively tame and will come right up and follow the tractor.

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What I didn’t expect to see were tiny little fawns dotted here and there on their own, curled up like cats in the grass. There were lots of these quite well hidden, though we had a good view from higher up than your average predator would!

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Sledmere Deer Safari

My son chose that moment to ask:

“Mummy, is it Bambi’s Mum or Dad that dies in the fire?”

We saw a fawn that had been born just five minutes before, struggling to stand on its long shaky legs. Beside him stood another doe in the process of bringing another little Bambi into the world, which was evidenced by the long fawn legs sticking out from her rear as we watched. The children were, as you can imagine, fascinated. “Do baby deer come out of lady deer’s bottoms Mummy?”

Sledmere Stables

After the deer safari we had a wander round the Sledmere Stables. The girls in there were very friendly and brought a horse out for us to see. They had a bucket of brushes and encouraged the children to groom the horse. There are a few fun photo opportunities in the stables with clothes to dress up in and ‘horses’ and ‘carriages’ to pose with.

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Sledmere House Playground

We also visited the playground which has been extended since last year with more things for younger ones. There are mini ride on tractors, a climbing area and a sandpit. The new bits are fantastic for preschoolers.

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Make sure you have a wander round the beautiful gardens, including a lovely walled garden where they often have a children’s craft tent on summer event days. If you want to visit the house there is a children’s activity sheet with a treasure trail to spot things. My two always enjoy those.

Sledmere House Events

Sledmere House run many special events throughout the year, so do have a look to see what is on at Easter, Halloween and Christmas for example.  Sledmere House fireworks around the 5th of November are magnificent, and also keep an eye out for the date of the Sledmere House Nostalgia Weekend.

Where to eat?

Sledmere has a pretty cafe, but there can be a wait when it is busy so try and sit outside with little ones so they can run around while you wait. There is also a nice farm and plant shop to visit. We didn’t go into the house on this occasion but my children have enjoyed their treasure trail there in the past.

A family ticket (two adults, two children) for the gardens and stables is £18, if you include the house as well it is £22.  Children under 5 are free.  See admission prices here.


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