Laser Maze, 4D Golf and Soft Play – a day out at Xscape Castleford

We spent a lovely day at Xscape this last weekend. There really is lots to do from soft play, crazy golf, cinema, climbing and even skiing. We had a full day out there and managed The Raid, 4D Golf and Soft Play as well as a pizza at Pizza Express (there are loads of great restaurants to choose from).

The Raid at Xscape Castleford

I had never seen The Raid before so was really curious to do so. It’s a huge black elongated room sized box. Inside there are red lasers at criss-cross angles across the room. The game is to cross the room as quickly as possible without touching the lasers.  You need to make your way from one end of the room, climbing over and under until you can steal a diamond (hit a button) at the far end before making your way back.  I have used official photographs for this and the 4D golf as my camera struggled in the dark!

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Family Day Out – with Lasers!

You are both timed and penalised in points if you touch the lasers. I was a little worried that my two would be a bit scared, but no, they turned into little Indiana Jones/ninjas and loved it. It was one of the hits of the day.  By its very nature play does not last long, but at £2 a go each (cheaper if you pay for several goes) you don’t mind too much. It’s something they will definitely remember. Oh, and there are darkened glass windows so you can keep an eye on them too.

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4D Adventure Golf

My two love crazy golf. So I have been promising them a visit to the 4D golf at Xscape. There are two courses and you can either pay for one course or both (they have a special price for both).

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Glow in the Dark Golf

Both courses are similarly themed. They are in the dark with lots of neon and uv light. It’s a really novel way to play crazy golf – even the golf balls glow!

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There are lots of different size golf clubs too, so the littlies are taken care of.

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Xplore – Soft Play at Xscape

Now, we do like a good soft play, and I am already feeling sad looking forward to a time when they are too old/too cool for it. For now, at least they still love it!

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Xplore is a nice big soft play with all the usual levels and slides. There are two twisty slides that wrap around each other that Miss H thought was great.

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There is plenty of parent seating, which is really important to me. I hate either not getting a seat or being crammed too close to other tables.

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Café at Xplore

I was impressed by the prices in the cafe. I bought three coffees, a jug of squash and two chocolate bars for less than £9 and thought I had been undercharged! The coffee was good too (Mr Wonders is a coffee snob and he confirmed it was good).

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We didn’t try the food, but it was reasonably priced at £6 for an adult’s meal, and £3.60 for a kid’s meal. (Cheese on toast for kids for £1.60).

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Outside Xscape


Outside the entrance there was a trampoline bungee activity, as well as zorbing balls in a huge paddling pool. Both activities were £4 each and the kids loved them! Not to mention the cracking photos I got. Priceless!

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There is so much to do at Xscape, you really can have a full family day out there. Absolutely ideal for a rainy day. I am hoping to return and review some of the other activities available soon.

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Website and prices

The Raid

From £2 per go.

4D Golf

Family Ticket

Search for Atlantis – £9.99 per family

The Mummy’s Curse – £13.99 per family

Both Courses – £19.99 per family


Xplore – Soft Play

From £3.99 to 5.99



The Raid, 4D Golf and Xplore kindly invited us to visit and review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way.


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