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Top Tips for Taking Young Children and Babies to Disney World, Florida

Top Tips for Taking Young Children and Babies to Disney World, Florida

Taking young children and babies to Disney World, Florida can be wonderful (if a little daunting!) so plan ahead with these great tips.  Take a look at my other tips posts (the pretty red polkadot squares!) while you are here too.

Find out where the Baby Care Centres are in each park before you go.  They are brilliant, especially if you are breastfeeding and need to sit down.

Book fast passes for the Character meets, they are fab for little ones and a wonderful photo opportunity.  Unless you think your little one might be a bit scared – mine were funny at first but after the first couple, they loved them!


Consider started the day early in the parks when the weather is cooler and then head back to the hotel for a swim or nap in the afternoon.

Advice for taking Babies and Toddlers to Disney World, Florida

Don’t forget nappies and swim nappies. Oh, and Calpol!


If your baby is on formula take enough for your holiday and a little extra as if it is hot they will drink more.

Take a baby carrier or sling to wear the baby.  Pack some muslin cloths (they are always handy) and you can use them to create a bit of shade if need be.


Buy a pram fan (who knew, right?).  I wonder if you can buy pram misting fans – that would be cool! (pun intended!)


Plan your park bag ahead of time – hats, suncream, nappies, wipes, purse, mini first-aid kit, drinks and a change of clothes!
Book Character meals, then the children can meet the characters in a more relaxed setting and you don’t need to queue!


Take an autograph book with you for the characters to sign.  This can be a lovely memory book for when the children are older.


Put the children in a stroller for as long as you can get away with.  There is a lot of walking and often in very hot temperatures, so a nice rest or nap in a stroller will be wonderful for them and will mean you can stay in the parks longer if you want.  It’s also a handy bag holder too!

Take in juice and snacks with you.

Consider booking an early breakfast reservation so you can get in the park, eat, and then ride as many rides as possible before it becomes really busy.


Top Tips for taking Young Children to Disney


Make the most of your Fast Passes to avoid grumpy children in queues!


Plan ahead, but remember to go with the flow – they you will all be happier!


Babies can go on any rides without a height requirement and you can get a parent swap for bigger rides.


If you think they might be sensitive to noise, then take baby earphones. Ride soundtracks are very loud, and might be a bit scary if they are used to a quieter environment.


Here is something sweet – you can book baby’s first haircut in Disney!  There’s a special My First Haircut  package for children that includes commemorative Mickey Ears and a certificate, you can find this in Harmony Barber Shop in Magic Kingdom.

If you have any more tips, leave them in the comments below (and have a fab trip!).


If you love Disney why not take a trip to Disneyland Paris during it’s 25th anniversary celebrations?


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