Zakynthos – Family Friendly Greek Island Holidays

Great Tips for a Family Friendly Holiday in Zakynthos

The blue seas and white buildings of Zakynthos (also known as Zante – can I confess to not knowing they were the same place?!) make a wonderful backdrop to a family friendly holiday in Greece.  The kids will love the excursions, children’s entertainment and water park.  Here are our tips for a fab family holiday in Zakynthos.

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Marathonissi Island (Turtle Island)

Both my children love wildlife and would be very excited to visit Marathonissi or Turtle Island.  You can book an organised trip to see the Caretta-Caretta, the endangered loggerhead turtles.  There are lots of trips available for around €15 each on a glass bottomed boat.  Take a snorkel and a picnic as there is not much available to buy on the island (and what there is, is expensive).

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Shipwreck Beach

Now, this will stir up romantic visions of pirates and smugglers for the kids!  You can visit the site of an old shipwrecked boat on a white sandy beach, only accessible by boat or water taxi.  A great place for the kids to explore and a lovely beach for you to relax on.

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Blue Caves or Keri Caves

Zakynthos has many natural caves.  Mr Wonders was part of the caving club when he was at uni (more of an excuse to have weekends away and spend time in the pub than the actual caving I suspect) so is keen to visit any caves we come across on our travels (like the Dirou Caves on the Mani). The Blue Caves are named because they reflect the vivid blue of the sea.  There are lots of day trips advertised to visit these all over the island, or you can hire your own boat for a bit more freedom.  I imagine there may even be the odd pub or taverna at the end of the day if you are like Mr Wonders!

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Family Friendly Villa Accommodation in Zakynthos

The island is full of lots of fabulous resorts and hotels.  We often like to stay in a villa.  This was especially important when the children were little as we could put them to bed in their own bedroom, but then sit on the terrace relaxing with a glass of wine or a bottle of Mythos (Mr Wonders’ fave Greek beer!).  We have used James Villas in the past to book our stay.  They have lots in Zakynthos.  I also like a private pool if possible – then there is no one to see my white wobbly bits and I can relax!

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Water Village

As you can probably tell we love theme parks and water parks, and there is a fabulous water park in Zakynthos.  It’s big at 40,000 square feet and includes Aqua spray games, Kiddies slides, Octopus slides, a Slippery rabbit (*yes – really*), The Boomer Bowl, and a 300 meter long Lazy river.  The lazy river is naturally my favourite and where I spend most of my time.  Again, it isn’t a problem if you are without a car as there are plenty of organised excursions to the Water Village.  Excursions with transport and access into the waterpark will set you back around €30 each.

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Family Friendly Zakynthos in Greece

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