What do you get extra in First Class on LNER? LNER First Class Review

What do you get extra on LNER Trains First Class? – I first wrote this post a few years ago from before LNER took over the East Coast main line.  I have travelled in first class several times of late and wanted to do a complete overhaul of the post with up-to-date information as well as a bit about the first class lounges in York and London Kings Cross (which is my usual route).

I don’t often get to travel first class when it is the four of us (my budget won’t stretch that far), but if it is just me I can sometimes justify it. It’s especially attractive to save money on your train journey if there is some sort of sale or deal on.


Travelling LNER 1st Class on the East Coast Line

Sometimes LNER have offers or sales on, usually at the start of the year. During the sale, if you look hard enough, you can get First Class return tickets at a bargain price.  When I was debating this I wanted to know just what I would get for the extra money, but didn’t find a great deal of information. 

I wanted to know if you got free food on First Class LNER, or whether you got free alcoholic drinks.  So, I am writing this for you! I took photos of the menu (excuse if they are a bit blurry/wonky – the train was moving!)  I’ll intersperse them throughout the post.

LNER have three different menus in First Class, and it’s random which one you might get (though you can see this ahead of time in the LNER app).  The best one if you have a choice is DINE (cooked meals), next best is DISH (mix of cooked meals and sandwiches) then DELI (just sandwiches).

First Class Seats on LNER
First Class Seats on LNER


So, what do you get in First Class LNER train journeys?

Now, first of all the seats in First Class are roomier, so that is good. They also recline, so much more comfy. The arrangement of the seats is different to Standard class, in First Class you have tables of four and tables of two. (As well as forward facing singles and doubles).  A table for two is perfect for a leisurely chat on your way to check out a show or see the sights!  


Choose your seat on the LNER Trains Seating Plan

When you book ahead (which you should as this is when you get the best prices – seats are released 12 weeks ahead of time) you can also choose your seat from the LNER Trains seating plan. This means that you don’t have to elbow your way onto the train and fight for a seat. Much more relaxed!

So, other than more bottom room, “What else do you get included in 1st Class on LNER Trains?” I hear you cry! Well, quite a bit actually!  You get access to First Class Lounges at either end of your journey (providing the station has a First Class Lounge) – see my review of the lounges further down this post).


LNER Trains First Class Free Alcoholic Drinks!

If you travel down to London in the morning and are lucky enough to have the DISH menu then you will be offered the Full LNER breakfast.  My breakfast can be seen below (I don’t like beans or cooked tomatoes!).  The DISH menu also includes a bacon roll and veggie options.


first class on LNER
Full LNER Breakfast

We were also offered tea, coffee and juice.

I have also travelled and experience the DISH menu.


The DISH menu is very similar to DINE on a morning – but sadly no Full English!



The Lunch and Evening Meal is the same on DISH:

I’ve tried the Hog Roast Sausage Roll in the past:


On a different occasion I tried the Chicken Caesar roll.

What do you get in First Class LNER


On a lunchtime and an evening, alcoholic drinks are complimentary.  Nice to see Mason’s of Yorkshire Gin on the menu.  Have a look at the other soft and alcoholic drinks on the menu.


free alcoholic drinks in first class LNER


Free LNER Trains WiFi

In 1st Class on LNER Trains WiFi is free – always good I think!  Update – Standard Class now also has free WiFi.



First Class Lounge York Station

The First Class Lounge at York Station is fairly new.  It’s a bit tucked away, so if you are entering the station at the main entrance, turn left at WHSmith then left again at the passenger lift and it’s in front of you.  You will need to show your ticket as you enter.


LNER First Class Lounge York
The First Class Lounge at York Station


Inside the lounge you will fine (fairly) comfortable seating, with some desk space where you can charge devices.


LNER First Class Lounge York


LNER First Class Lounge York


They also have a drinks machine where you can help yourself to tea, coffee and hot chocolate etc.  Bottled water is usually available in fridges.  



They also have complimentary snacks (usually crisps and biscuits).



First Class Lounge at London Kings Cross

You will find the London Kings Cross First Class Lounge next to Waitrose in the main part of the station.  It’s easy to miss as it’s just a door on the ground floor, but leads to a lift to the first floor lounge.  Again, you need to show your ticket on entry.  Once in, there is (again fairly) comfortable seating.  Like at York, there are drinks machines and complimentary snacks.


LNER First Class Lounge London Kings Cross
Drinks station and snacks in the First Class Lounge at London Kings Cross