The Three Essentials for Family Travel

Whether it’s skiing, sunning or camping, holidays are often the perfect way to bring families closer together.

Wherever we’re headed, knowing what to take can be challenging – and when we’re packing for a range of ages, it can be a nightmare!

But if this applies to you, fear not: here are three simple tips on what – and what not to – take on a vacation with the kids, and how to make travel more affordable.

Always Use Reliable Luggage

Before you embark on what to pack, it can be useful to identify luggage that is sturdy and strong.  Also consider a good travel duffel bag as then you have your hands free to hold onto the kids!

This idea doesn’t just apply to suitcases; a handbag that can protect multiple items of important value – with lots of pockets for passports, tickets and all the other fundamental items – could be an enormous help, too.

And fortunately, brands like Radley provide style and practicality in their range of leather bags. So, when it comes to securing suitable luggage, you needn’t compromise on either fashion or functionality!

Pack Multi-Purpose Items

Whatever your destination, saving on luggage space could save huge amounts of time and effort when it comes to both packing and unpacking. A great way to achieve this is by thinking of items that can be used for a range of purposes.

As well as protecting your shoulders from the sun, for example, a sarong can work as a hat, scarf and something to lie on when relaxing on the beach. Similarly, in colder climates, taking just one versatile jumper per person could save on suitcase space, too.  If you are going somewhere hot then don’t forget to pack their water beach shoes.

Packing minimally will result in more room for the kids’ belongings and any potential mementos from the holiday. What’s more, us fashionista mums can still look fabulous with just a few outfits and accessories.


Leave Books & Other Heavy Items Behind

Whilst many of us consider bulky items, such as books, as essential holiday accompaniments, they can be cumbersome luggage items. So, why not free up room for the essentials by investing in smaller and lighter alternatives, like an e-reader device?

Not only will you save money, but because space is no longer an issue, you can select as many books as you like from your new gadget. In addition, these tools are useful sources for children’s’ books and holiday guides and can therefore provide entertainment for everyone during your trip, whether on an outing or staying indoors.

Packing can be a difficult task, especially when it’s for the whole family. But as our guide highlights, all you really need to bring are the essentials – and once you’ve got them covered, you can enjoy a stress-free holiday with the people you love.