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Home at last – 5 things to do after travelling before you hit the sofa

Home at last – 5 things to do after travelling before you hit the sofa

Whether you’ve been travelling alone, with friends, your partner or your whole family there comes a point during your journey back home where you just cannot wait to sit on your own sofa with a nice cup of tea. The feeling is probably intensified when your flight is cancelled or delayed, or the little ones are getting a little bit fraught with all the travelling and hanging around. But before you finally pull up outside your house and stack all the suitcases at the bottom of the stairs, there are a few things you should probably do before you get too comfortable.

Unsure of where to start? Don’t worry, here you’ll find 5 things to do after travelling (before you hit your sofa)!

Go through your photos!

Before your favourite pictures of the kids are lost in the depths of social media or your phone gallery, take some time to go through them and get hard copies – hello canvas can help you here – whether it’s a beautiful collage, a giant canvas or cute prints to stick on the fridge, make sure all your memories are on display for everyone to enjoy!

Check your bank accounts and credit card statements

Your debit and credit cards might be a little on the hot side after you’ve been travelling! With lots of impulse purchases, the urge to treat yourself and all those spur of the moment activities that the kid want to get involved in…but going through your bank and credit card statements is an absolute must.

Identity theft is common and it’s travellers like ourselves who are often most at risk. We carry copious amounts of documentation about ourselves, we use unsecure internet connections and we hand our cards over to vendors whom we’ll never see again. So make sure everything is as it should be in your accounts and report any irregularities to your bank.

Insurance claims

If something went wrong while you were abroad, then don’t delay in letting your insurance company know. Yes, you’re exhausted after your flight and battling with the kids every step of the way, but it’s better to deal with it now rather than forgetting about it. Many policies have a “claim-by” date on them so gather up all your documents and get on the phone. And speaking of phones…

Cancel those phone plans

If you went travelling with an additional international phone plan added, then you need to cancel it straight away. Not doing so means you’ll continue to be charged and if you completely forget then this could go on for months! Do it now. And don’t forget to cancel the kids plans too if they have any!

Plan your next adventure

Feeling those post-travelling blues? Surveys show that the best way to get over it, is to plan your next adventure! If you’re a little short on funds right now, then you don’t have to go abroad, or alternatively, you could plan a trip that’s quite far ahead in the future, that way you’ll not only get a cheaper deal but also plenty of time to pay for it. 

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