Lunch with Little Ones? Try The Ginger Cow Company.

Lunch with Little Ones? Try The Ginger Cow Company.

I love trying new places and this week we visited the teashop at The Ginger Cow Company near Everingham. It’s about 10 minutes from the A1079 at Hayton, unless you are chatting and forget to direct the driver in the right direction…!  They describe it as an ‘an idyllic Yorkshire Farm Experience’ and they are not over-egging the pudding (nor for that matter, the cream tea!)

Al Fresco Eating

It was a lovely sunny day and we sat at an outdoor table. The table was so prettily presented with a vase, cute doggy salt and pepper pots and a ‘Golden Syrup’ tin with knives and forks wrapped in Emma Bridgewater style paper napkins.

Children’s Toys

In the garden surrounding us were a place to park prams and buggies if you choose to eat inside. There is a children’s tepee in that fab vintage ‘cowboy’ material from Cath Kidston, filled with dress up and toys.

Two lovely vintage looking toy prams were just itching to be pushed while a toy tractor was available to argue over who would get the first ride.  My two (at 6 and 8) are more manageable now, but this place would have been even more heaven when they were younger.


The menu at the Ginger Cow Company is divided into Breakfast, Lunch, Kids Meals and Treats (such as Afternoon Teas and cake). I loved the sound of the Ginger Cow Welsh Rarebit with 3 Little Pigs Chorizo, so shall have to return at breakfast time to sample that (please put it on the lunchtime menu!). The meal I was most impressed with was Miss H’s, she chose The Mini Ginger Cow Platter. Do look at the photo and you’ll see what I mean – scrumptious and beautifully presented!

I also loved the vintage and stylishly eclectic teapot and teacups. The kids thought that the mini bottles with jolly red and white spotted straws for their squash were fab (you can relax though, they are not made of glass!).  In the garden they have a small shop made up of lots of cute and shabby chic style homeware and gifts. I would have liked a closer look, but didn’t want to draw the children’s attention any more to a possible code-red ‘buy me something’ situation. As it was, we took home two tomato plants. (Must remember to water, must remember to water!).

The inside of the café is just as pretty as the outside. I only managed to get one photo as it was quite busy and I didn’t want to be accosted by suspicious diners.

Farm Trail

We missed a Farm Trail and didn’t have time to wait till the next one.  Just so you don’t make the same mistake (ie not reading the clear directions on their website) the Farm Tour commences at 11am, 1pm and 3pm.  But we’ll definitely return to do that (and visit the teashop again of course!).

Read more about the Ginger Cow Teashop.

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