10 Best Use of Snack Credits in Walt Disney World, Florida

We love Walt Disney World in Florida, and I have spent a great deal of time researching the best use of the Disney Dining Plan (DDP) snack credits. 

Make sure you scroll to the bottom of this page for lots of photos, and click through to see the snack credits by park!

The following list are the things I see mentioned in forums and Facebook groups as a fantastic use of your DDP snack credits.  Since writing this post, I have also created park specific ‘Snack Credits’ posts with LOTS more food and menu photos.  (But do scroll down this post too for the top ten list!)

There are so many different styles of snacks in Disney World, they are not just for ice cream and drinks!  Some are large enough to be a main meal, which is useful if you are trying to save some credits to use for the Signature restaurants or two table service credit character meals.  You can also use one Quick Service credit as three snack credits.


To keep track of your credits – every time you use a credit your receipt will show you how many you have left. You can also get a print out of credits left from your resort reception.

Lots more photos at the bottom of the post!  Looking for more Disney tips?  See my tips for first timers, Restaurants that need an Advanced Dining Reservation or 20 things to pack for Disney list.

Some Snacks are a meal in themselves!


  1. Cheeseburger Spring Rolls – yes, these really are a thing! You can get them from a stand in the Magic Kingdom. A friend of mine let me use her photo and she said they may sound awful. But were delicious!

snack credits at Walt Disney World Florida

  1. The chicken fried rice in Yak and Yeti quick service in Animal Kingdom is one that pops up time and time again, so we will definitely be trying that.


  1. Another that looks fantastic and filling is the French fries with pulled pork and cheese, at Flame Tree BBQ in Animal Kingdom (and while I am mentioning Flame Tree BBQ don’t miss the Ribs, Chicken, and Pulled Pork Sampler (The ultimate Flame Tree Barbecue Platter features our three specialities: Smoked Ribs, Chicken and Pulled Pork with a helping of our House-made Baked Beans, refreshing Coleslaw and delicious Jalapeño Cornbread) it’s normally $20 but counts as just 1 Quick Service credit. I can see us sharing this between two, although Mr Wonders thinks otherwise!


  1. If you are a Starbucks lover then it’s good to know that all drinks, including the largest sizes, and most pastries or cakes are included as a snack credit! 

snack credits at Walt Disney World Florida snack credits at Walt Disney World Florida

  1. Try the garlic knots at Pizzafari in Animal Kingdom (it’s a basket of Fresh-baked Garlic Knots topped with Cheese and served with Marinara Sauce – it’s normally $7 so must be a good size!)


  1. Another good snack option in Animal Kingdom is the Smiling Crocodile, where you can buy a Salmon, Turkey or Pimento-Cheese BLT for a snack credit.


  1. Oh my goodness – all my Christmases have come at once with this one – a one pint tub of Haagen Dazs for one snack credit! I may have to do this every night that I am there!!  Buy from the resort shops.

snack credits at Walt Disney World Florida


  1. You can get chilli cheese fries at Restaurantosaurus at Animal Kingdom, which sound like my kind of snack!


  1. Fans of macaroni cheese will like the use of snack credits at the Eight Spoon Café in Animal Kingdom where you can get Macaroni Cheese with either pulled pork or shrimp for a snack credit.
  1. At Ghiradelli’s in Disney Springs you can get two scoops of ice cream for one snack credit. Two scoops are more than $6 so a really good use (plus Ghiradelli’s is fabulous!)

(For the record, I am not sure how many scoops Miss H was having here as I can’t remember.  I think it is probably two though!)

ghiradelli disney springs - snack credits at Walt Disney World Florida


Snack Credits – not just for ice cream and drinks!

(but let’s face it, ice-cream is good!)

As I mentioned earlier, I am planning to add lots more photos to this post after our trip.  I’d love to see and feature your photos too if you have any (email me if you fancied sending me them – it would be fab!  Even if you don’t have photos, please let me know in the comments if you know of any fab ways to use your snack credits and I’ll add them into the post!


Snack Credits in Walt Disney World

Here are more pictures of Disney Dining Plan Snack Credits that a fellow Disney loving friend has sent me:

snack credits at Walt Disney World Florida

A coke float from Storybook Treats in Magic Kingdom.

snack credits at Walt Disney World Florida

Frozen Strawberry, Banana and Peach smoothie.

snack credits at Walt Disney World Florida

Hot fudge sundae from Storybook Treats in the Magic Kingdom.

snack credits at Walt Disney World Florida

LeFou’s Brew

snack credits at Walt Disney World Florida

School Bread

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best use of snack credits at Walt Disney World


Disney Snack Credits

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  1. Most of them are for Animal Kingdom, I was hoping more for Magic kingdom.

    1. Hi Amy, you are right and I thought the same! We are visiting again in four weeks (woohoo!!) and I’ll make a concerted effort to take lots of snack photos in Magic Kingdom and add them to this post. Planning to take photos of all the menu boards too as they show the snack credit symbol next to the snacks. Nikki x

  2. Hi Nikki,

    This is such an excellent post! We love theme parks and are always looking to save where we can. We go to Disney every other Thanksgiving. We don’t do the dining plan but my daughter and grands do! When they go in October, I will pass this onto them! Maybe we can eventually go when they run the dining plan special to take advantage of this. I had no idea so many options could be used for snack credits. It’s worth it for the Starbucks and ice cream alone! lol The school bread is the best and I always make sure to get some. I think it is a great deal even without a snack credit though.

    Thanks again for sharing!
    Happy and Safe Travels

    1. Hoping to add lots more info too after our trip next month (I can’t wait!!!!) x

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