How to Plan a Road Trip Through Yorkshire

There are few better places in the UK for a road trip than Yorkshire. Yorkshire has the perfect combination of natural beauty, historical relevance, and cultural towns and cities, meaning that it has plenty to see and do. This can also make it tricky to plan a road trip, as you will not want to miss any major highlights. So, how can you plan a fun road trip through Yorkshire? Keep reading for all that you need to know.


Car Checks

First, you must ensure your vehicle is in good condition for a road trip. A few of the key checks will include:


  • Checking tyre pressure and tread depth
  • Testing the lights
  • Checking fluid levels
  • Battery health


If you have any minor issues with the car, it is best to get them addressed before hitting the road, as a road trip can take its toll. If your tread depth is getting close to the legal limit, for example, you should buy replacement tyres online to change these before setting off.


There are many excellent places to visit in Yorkshire, so here are a few places to work into your itinerary.



Whitby is an incredibly beautiful part of Yorkshire on the coast known for its literary tradition, most notably being the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s Dracula (be sure to check out the Gothic Whitby Abbey). As a charming fishing village, it is a great stopping place for families and couples as you can wander the streets and see the various highlights.



Of course, coming to Yorkshire without visiting York would be wrong. Few cities in the UK have as much historical relevance as York, which was founded by the ancient Romans and features notable landmarks, including a minister, castle, and city walls. In addition to the historical sites, York has great shopping opportunities, from small boutiques to large household name brands, as well as plenty of great pubs, restaurants, and cafes to check out.


Malham Cove

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to natural beauty in York, but Malham Cove is one highlight that you won’t want to miss. This 230 ft high white limestone cliff dazzles visitors and is surrounded by lush green scenery.



Skipton is often the highlight that people mention first when visiting Yorkshire. This is thanks to the award-winning high street and market, creating a fun and lively atmosphere. You also have Skipton Castle from the 18th century, with surrounding gardens to explore.


Yorkshire is a fantastic place for a road trip because there is so much to see and do. This can also make it challenging to plan your itinerary, so the above are a few of the key places that you will want to include on your road trip here.