Disney Party Decorations from The Disney Store

Disney party decorations.  This week we had a belated tea party in honour of Miss H’s 8th birthday. The weather was good which was ideal as then we could keep the worst of the mess outdoors (my apologies to those who have birthdays in deepest darkest winter!).  As you may have gathered from my many Disney posts, we are huge Disney fans, so when I was given the opportunity to be sent a box full of Disney party supplies, I jumped at the chance.

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Disney Party Supplies

You can buy all manner of goodies on the Disney Store Party page (they actually have a dedicated Party supplies page here). We had the usual necessities such as paper plates and plastic cups.

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Then you can buy all manner of exciting fripperies such as hanging garlands and these cute straws:

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Or even this fabulous Frozen themed cake stand. (word of advice, make the stand where you want it to finally sit. It’s not one that travels well!).

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You can also buy a themed table cloth, napkins and table confetti to get really into your theme.

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Disney Party Decorations

There are Frozen themed balloons – excellent quality, often the picture loses definition when blown up, so I was impressed with these.

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My main issue was keeping the kids from messing up the table while I was trying to get photos!  They loved the table confetti in particular and kept scattering it everywhere in joyous abandon!

The Disney Store has a huge range of party themes from Mickey Mouse, Belle, Sofia the First and Spider-man (and others!).  They have a whole ‘Party Planner’ section on their website, where you can make a guest list and keep track of who is coming, schedule activities and plan your day.  Don’t miss this great feature on the Disney Store website – you can create and print personalised party invitations.  You can email them too if you won’t be seeing the person (or as a back-up in case the kids lose them!).

Another reason to use all these fab party supplies is that you can throw all the paper plates etc out at the end and there is no washing up!  I have managed to recycle lots of Disney party decorations for next time too – garlands, banners, the cake stand and table cloth etc – which is great and will save pennies next year.

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