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SEA LIFE Great Yarmouth Review – During our trip to Great Yarmouth we visited the Pleasure Beach, the Hippodrome Circus and Merrivale Model Village.  Half the family are somewhat obsessed with sharks and indeed most other fish! So, what better than a trip to SEA LIFE Great Yarmouth whilst at the seaside.


SEA LIFE Great Yarmouth review


SEA LIFE isn’t a huge aquarium, but has a number of smaller exhibits and a couple of larger displays.  It is well kept and has plenty of informational displays near the various species.  There are also informational talks throughout the day, which are definitely worth fitting in during your visit.  Below is an example of what talks were on, on the day we visited.


SEA LIFE Great Yarmouth talk times


Some of us could stand and watch fish for hours, and I think we did!


SEA LIFE Great Yarmouth


There were European Bass.


SEA LIFE Great Yarmouth


There was a whole section on jellyfish.  (For those of you who are Finding Nemo fans – “I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy Come on, Squishy Come on, little Squishy…”.)



Sticking with the Nemo theme, he even has his own cave at SEA LIFE Great Yarmouth.


Nemo's cave SEA LIFE Great Yarmouth


We also saw a jolly large sea turtle, who apparently tries to steal the shark food! Risky game if you ask me 🙂




We had done our research and particularly wanted to see the Black Tipped Reef Sharks – endangered but hoping for a successful breeding program – we made sure we were there for the shark talk.  At 2pm a gentleman in a pirate outfit appeared. We were slightly alarmed he might be doing a talk for 2 year olds, but no, it was a nice balance of information and humour. Who knew so many people were killed due to hamsters! Spoiler alert, it’s more than sharks.




We also saw penguins, because, well penguins, who doesn’t love penguins.




There is a fabulous tunnel that’s always a highlight of any aquarium visit, you can really feel like you are immersed and ‘under the sea’ (Little Mermaid reference there for you – clearly Disney on the brain!)



We spent about 2 hours there, you could do a little more or less, definitely more if you attend more talks.  A perfect day out for our shark enthusiasts!  Oh, and keep an eye out for the crocodile!



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We were invited to visit and review.  As always, all opinions expressed are our own.