Back to School Gift Guide for 2020

Well, it’s been a funny old year hasn’t it? Miss H managed the last four weeks of school before the summer holidays, but Master T has not been to his secondary school since March. So this year’s ‘Back to School’ post feels a little strange! But, whatever the circumstances, its nice to have some lovely, … Read more

Mother’s Day Gift Guide – What to Buy for Your Mum!

I know it might be a bit more of an unusual one this year, but it’s still important to celebrate and make your mum feel special this mother’s day.  Here are lots of lovely gift ideas to make her day extra special!   Give your Mum Flowers You know that us mums love flowers and … Read more

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2020

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

So, Valentine’s Day is nearly here – have you bought your special someone a present yet?  Around this time of year, we get sent lots of things to include in our gift guides, some traditional like perfume or beautiful flowers (or my personal favourite – Pink Mermaid Gin!), but we also get sent more unusual … Read more

Christmas Gift Guide for Women 2019

Christmas Gift Guide for Women 2019 – of all my gift guides, I think the one for women is the easiest to find ideas for!  I think women are much easier to buy for!  Anyway, here are my suggestions: Floating 10mm Acrylic Photo Panel A 270 gram satin print is bonded to the rear of … Read more

Christmas Gift Guides for Foodies 2019

Christmas Gift Guides for Foodies 2019 – now this really is a gift guide after my own heart.  As you can probably tell from the amount of restaurant reviews on this blog, I am a complete foodie!  There are some lovely and unusual foodie related items in this gift guide – have a look! Mermaid … Read more