AD| Choosing Brilliant Children’s Presents with Wicked Uncle

I have several nephews and nieces – some are adults now while others are just tots. My kids have reached the grand old age of 12 and 14, and although it doesn’t seem that long since they were 3, when it comes to present buying I can no longer remember what they liked at that age or what toys are age appropriate.

When I was about 9 my Grandad went on holiday and brought all the grandkids a present back, which was very kind of him of course as he didn’t need to and I apologise in advance for my ingratitude!   However, he brought my brother and my two male cousins (we were all roughly the same age) handheld electronic games (think Donkey Kong style). These were a big deal as we are talking late seventies/early eighties at this point.


What did he bring me? A small plush monkey. I said thank you of course, but I was gutted not to get the Donkey Kong game.  I loved gadgets then and still do!

The injustice of this still burns bright some 40 years later. To add insult to injury this monkey was made of real rabbit fur. I really wasn’t keen, but the dog was (if you know what I am saying…).

Anyway, moving on. This story is told to emphasise how important getting that present right is, unless you want your niece or nephew recounting your terrible error of present judgement for the next half century!

This is where Wicked Uncle really shines. You can search for brilliant children’s presents appropriate to age. You can also search for ‘All’ rather than just ‘boys’ or ‘girls’ which seems like a good plan to me if you don’t want to gender stereotype in the manner of my Grandad in the 70’s (he was truly a lovely man really).

If too many choices are returned, you can then filter more on type of present, such as ‘Adventurer’, Creativity’, ‘Fashion and Style’, ‘Books and Games’ and more.

There are all sorts of brilliant and unusual things like this Jellyfish Tank that changes colour as the jellyfish float eerily up and down.  Now, we have this at home and it looks amazing and is hypnotising to watch!



Take hubby as a (bad example), he had the simple task of buying Xmas presents for just four of the nieces and nephews (not even all of them!).  Whilst I arranged, wrapped and delivered everyone else’s.  Two small boys and two small girls in total.  This should have been easy you would think, but what did I catch him nearly buying?  A drum kit for the oldest who hates anything loud and would prefer to sit in the corner with a book (I think this was purely to wind up his brother) and an age 8+ construction set for the one year old, because “it looked cool”, sigh.  Honestly I think they would all stop believing in Santa if he was left to do it, maybe that was the plan all along, to avoid doing it!


I have just sent him on Wicked Uncle for the next birthday, and I think I may have created a monster, he keeps pointing and saying “can we get this?”  Hmm, I don’t think any of this is for anyone else, and they’re age 8+ again, I think I’m starting to see the problem here!


This is a sponsored post, but we love Wicked Uncle anyway!