Christmas Gift Guide for Kids (and Parents!) 2020 (AD)

My kids are at an age where they are a bit tricky to buy for.  I miss the days when there was a million different things they either wanted or would make them happy!  Whether you have younger or older kids, have a look at the suggestions of the latest toys out this Christmas!



The ideal tool for budding artists, SUPERGRAPH® allows you to draw anything, anywhere, with its unique, drawing system.

Just find a picture you want to copy, clip it into the picture support and look through the special optical viewer to see the picture magically appear in front of you. You can then simply draw around the ‘outlines’ of the picture and your drawing is copied onto your sheet of paper! Alternatively you can remove the picture support altogether and look through the viewer to copy an object, person or scene in front of you. SUPERGRAPH® works with a tablet too – trace any photo from your tablet onto paper, or use the free SUPERGRAPH® app to draw onto your tablet (device not included, app compatible with IOS and Android)




Smiggle have some amazing products online this Christmas, from scented pens to glitter glue.  Some great deals on too to bring the prices down.

Have a look at all the Smiggle Christmas goodies here.



Super Wings World Aircraft Playset

The Super Wings World Aircraft has landed! Featured in the new season episodes of Super Wings Super-Charge, it the centre of all adventures for Jett &
his friends. Use the aircraft handle to fly through the skies! Or use the real working wheels to glide the playset on the ground. The lift at the back of the playset enables you to elevate your Transform a Bots figures to the take-off platform. Press the trigger on the handle and watch the runway unfold! The playset is compatible with all Transform a Bot figures, which can also be stored away in the side compartments when not in use. Complete with lights & sounds the World Aircraft enables little ones to re-enact their favourite Super Wings adventures!



MxyKikker Wind up Critter

MxyKikker is a wind up critter with long legs that allow it to clamber over obstacles. MxyKikker does some fancy climbing, and it walks upside-down if needed. Since 1992, New York based Kikkerland Design have been putting the ‘fun’ in functional with their practical, tongue-in-cheek collection of home accessories, storage solutions and gadgets.  Buy from Trouva around £33.


Word Search

Word Search – compete with others and spot as many words as you can as fast as you can! This is a great way for the whole family to get together and unleash their competitive side.  It is a 4 player game based on the UK’s most popular word puzzle.  Players vie to spot words in one of the special pre-printed puzzle.  It’s simple; the more you spot, the more you score.



Christmas Jigsaw

A fun Folk art jigsaw puzzle painted by artist Sheila Roper from Puzzle Crazy.  This puzzle will be great fun to make and was originally painted by the artist.  If you are looking for a fun puzzle to make, we are sure you will love this puzzle.  Available in a variety of sizes.  £5 from every puzzle sold goes directly to the artist.



Windy Knickers

I love the name of this game – Windy Knickers!! Don’t let Granny get her knickers in a twist! Can you help Granny put out her washing? Roll the dice… if it’s a sunny day, hang your washing on the line. Roll a cloud and you must miss a go. Roll a rain cloud and you have to take your washing in. Roll a storm and the washing line spins in the tornado and granny loses her clothes! Can you be the first to hang out all of your washing to win?



Escape Room, The Game 2

This game contains 4 thrilling adventures in ascending order of difficulty. Just like in a real life Escape Room, you can only play each game once. You can buy the extensions once you’ve played them all.



Enjoy a greener playtime with the 42 Piece Eco Classic Colour set from Geomag.  Your favourite magnetic construction set just got environmentally friendly! Made from recycled plastic and using eco-friendly manufacturing methods, you can enjoy the same fun with less impact on the earth.

This set has 42 pieces inside, which all come in amazing bright colours. You’ll find a mix of rods, side pieces and magnetic balls. What will you engineer with yours?  For ages 3 and over.



Sabertooth Tiger 3D Wooden Puzzle

This is a perfect present for my 13 year old boy, he loves constructing this sort of thing and at a tenner it makes a perfect stocking filler.  Buy from Kikkerland.



Children’s Bedding

My two love new duvet covers and there is a brilliant selection of children’s bedding at Terry’s Fabrics.  Miss H is going to love this cat themed duvet cover!


Leggings from Love Leggings

We love the leggings from Love Leggings and have lots of pairs.  They are very thick (and don’t go see through) and come in some lovely colours for children or adults!

Buy leggings from Love Leggings.



3-in-1 Pen Tool

This useful copper pen functions as a 3-in-1 multi-tool to help you out with DIY. Made from copper coloured metal, the pen tool features a built-in spirit level on the side, a screwdriver and a black ink pen.


Harry Potter Pin

For all the Harry Potter fans out there, treat them to a pin from the Wizarding World! 10 points to Griffindor!


Popcorn Shed Gourmet Advent Calendar

The countdown to Christmas will be merry, popping and sweet with our delicious line-up of six gourmet popcorn flavours in this popcorn advent calendar.  24 bags of popcorn inside. 6 indulgent flavours:

  • Salted Caramel – Sea Salted Caramel with Belgian Milk
    Chocolate (Great Taste award winning 2017).
  • Berry-licious – Raspberry and Dark Chocolate Popcorn
    (Great Taste award winning 2018).
  • Butterly Nuts – Peanut Butter Caramel Popcorn with Roasted Peanut Halves.
  • Pop N Choc – Chocolate Caramel Popcorn with Belgian Milk Chocolate.
  • Pecan Pie – Caramel Popcorn with Roasted Pecan Pieces.
  • Say Cheese! – Cheddar Cheese Popcorn (Great Taste award winning 2018).


Luxury Baby Kingdom Gift Set

Spoil your loved one with Baby Kingdom’s baby gift set, the perfect present for a baby shower or to celebrate the arrival of a new baby!

Our baby and  toddler gift set feels luxurious and extra special! The bespoke Baby Kingdom box is designed with a simplistic finish to allow new parents to re use as a baby keepsake box for all those new-born treasures and memories!


Lexie Drew

In addition to their full product range, Lexie Drew have designed and curated a beautiful range of Christmas gifts and accessories – perfect for little ones to use at Christmas time. This range includes their bestselling Outlaw bib, original bib set (image attached) along with a gorgeous set of accessories including soft bow hairbands and hair clips so your little one can look festive and fashionable at the same time!

Lexie Drew was created in 2019 by a ‘mummy daughter trio’ who were on the lookout for practical yet stylish bibs for the newest arrival into their family… Lexie.  As a serial drooler, Lexie always needed to have her bib on, but this bib would always cover up whatever she was wearing underneath, however beautiful.  Not only could we not find attractive bibs for Lexie, we also couldn’t find bibs that were sufficiently absorbent, meaning that we had to change Lexie frequently.



Fornessi Baby Carrier

The Fornessi Baby Carrier is ergonomic, better for your baby, more comfortable for you.  Fully accredited by the International hip dysplasia institute ~ supports healthy hip development from birth. One year manufacturer’s warranty.  Full support to get you started.  One size fits all (up to plus size). Remains supportive with all the wears.  Your baby won’t bounce and the material won’t sag with use.  Safety tested to the highest safety standards.  European CEN/TR 16512-2015 and American ASTM F2907-15 Standards for baby carriers.




Dantoy have launched a brand-new “I’m Green” line of bioplastic products, their bioplastic is made of at least 90% sugarcane, a sustainable raw material, and their bioplastic is 100% recyclable. Dantoy leads the way with their bioplastics. The manufacture of bioplastics reduces carbon emissions. The sugarcane is cultivated on controlled, pesticide-free plantations in central and southern Brazil. The sugarcane is harvested every 6 – 12 months. Bioplastic made of sugarcane is a 100% sustainable raw material.

Traditional plastic is made from crude oil, whilst Dantoy “I’m Green” PE (bioplastic) is made from at least 90% sugarcane (ethanol). Ethanol, a form of alcohol, is extracted from sugarcane, after which it is used to make bioplastic.  The Dantoy Bio-Toy Pretend Play Dinner Set 22-Piece set costs £19.40 from Amazon.



Due to popular demand BiGDUG have launched a children’s version of their famous workbench – The LiTTLEDUG Workstation! Inspired by BiGDUG’s BiG400 Heavy Duty Workstation, the LiTTLEDUG Workstation is this year’s must-have Christmas present for engineers and DIY gurus of the future, who want to help out Mum & Dad with odd jobs around the home.

At just 19.99 and with FREE DELIVERY – it’s a Christmas bargain!


Haribo Hamper

Featuring a merry mix of treats, the HARIBO Hamper makes the perfect present to unwrap on Christmas morning. Bursting with choice, this sweet gift includes something to suit all tastes with Giant Trees, Dummies Zing, Squidgy Strawbs, Jelly Beans, Chamallows and Strawberry Balla Stixx all featuring. 



Gelli Baff

Gelli Baff turns water into thick goo, whilst Slime Baff turns water into gunky slime! Both of our bath time products are non-irritant and 100% safe on skin, stain free, non-toxic and UK made.  Great fun at bathtime!


One Hundred Steps: The Story of Captain Sir Tom Moore

It tells the inspirational story of the man who walked 100 laps of his garden during the pandemic and captured the heart of a nation in unprecedented times.
Beautifully illustrated by Adam Larkum for young readers to enjoy over the festive season.

One Hundred Steps is a heart-warming story about adventure, family and never giving up, exemplified by Captain Tom as he takes us through key moments in his incredible life! From his early childhood, through to his service in World War Two, his huge Guinness World Record breaking achievement of raising the largest sum ever for an individual charity walk (over £39 million) and his subsequent Knighthood.

Full of positive messages, it’s the perfect story for parents and grandparents to give children hope this Christmas and also a lovely keepsake item!  The book will be published in support of the Captain Tom Foundation.


Jamie Littler’s Frostheart: Escape from Aurora

It is the highly anticipated sequel to Jamie’s bestselling and Branford Boase shortlisted debut, Frostheart.  The mystical world of Frostheart expands ever further in this heart racing sequel full of dangerous quests, new strongholds and even higher stakes. Ash and the rest of the brave crew finally arrive at the majestic stronghold of Aurora. Ash can’t wait to solve the next clue that will lead him to his parents but it’s quickly clear that even Aurora isn’t safe for Song Weavers and what they find is even more incredible than they could have imagined!

It is a magical and heart-warming tale about, identity, trust and friendship. With a stunning cut out double cover, the snow filled world of Frostheart would make a fantastic gifting item for children aged 8-12 this Christmas.