5 Places for the Best Burgers in Leeds

Places for the Best Burgers in Leeds – The royalty of fast food…Burgers. Everyone loves burgers, that’s because they are convenient, filling and down-right delicious. Many restaurants have now taken burgers to another level, adding wild and wonderful ingredients, ensuring that the burger – meal is never boring! Before we explore the Best Burgers in Leeds let me enlighten you with a couple of mind – blowing burger facts.

In America alone, 50 billion burgers are eaten in one single year! So, if all Hamburgers eaten by Americans in a year are arranged in a straight line, it would circle our Earth 32 times or more! Wow!


Almost Famous

Alexander Court, Great George St, Leeds LS1 3AL

Almost Famous Burgers has ventured across The Pennines from its home town of Manchester to bring its very famous variety of burgers,  to Leeds. You can expect  over-the-top, packed and stacked burgers, mouth watering sides and splendid selection of drinks. Below are a few of the delectable items available on the menu.


~ultimate cheeseburger fix double juicy famous cheeseburger – wonderbutter onion – famous sauce – smoky bacon
ketchup – pickles~

2020stk best ever steak burger

~Double cheeseburger – wonderbuttered peppered rump steak – steak sauce – smashed pots – chorizo – peppered mayo – bacon ketchup – dijon mustard~

Wonderland Fries 

~Winning fries – wonderbutter – bacon mayo -hot AF – bleu cheese sauce – bacon rain -shoestring onion – jalapeno & red onion~

Crack Shack

~crack fried chicken and awesome sauce double cheeseburger – double buttermilk fried chicken – JD maple – smashed tots – bacon rain – awesome sauce – redneck bbq – creamy peppered mayo – pickles ~


best burger leeds


Byron Burgers

9A Lands Lane, Leeds LS1 6AW

Established in 2007, Byron burgers has been serving delicious burgers, craft beers and American shakes.  All the burgers are served with bottomless fries ( when you dine in !) Lets take  a look at some of the stars of the Byron Burger Menu.

best burgers in leeds
Byron Burgers

Easy 59th

Victoria Gate, 3rd Floor Rooftop, George Street, LS2 7AU

East 59th is a Rooftop Restaurant, Bar & Terrace in the centre of vibrant Leeds. During the day, it’s a offers contemporary dining and you can expect all the American style dishes that you love. In the evening it transforms into a sophisticated Manhattan-style rooftop restaurant.
Offering a trendy, airy, vibrant atmosphere, you don’t only have the choice of burgers. However, the burgers on offer are some of the best in the city. 
East Cheeseburger 
~8oz beef patty, lettuce, gherkins, Chipotle mayo, cheddar & skinny fries~
Veg Stack Burger
~Veg patty, halloumi, lettuce, gherkins & fries~
Crispy Chicken Burger 
~Brioche buns, cheddar, chipotle mayo, lettuce, BBQ & fries~
burger joints in leeds
Easy 59th


Red’s True Barbecue

Cloth Hall Street, Leeds, LS1 2HD

At Red’s True Barbecue you can enjoy sumptuous slow cooked meat marinated in specially crafted seasonings and flavours and then cooked in casual wood and brick filled barbecue oven. Offering a unique and extensive traditionally American menu.

“Come forth believers to the original church of true barbecue in Leeds. We’re here to save your hungry souls. Make the pilgrimage to the place that started it all and worship at the altar of meat where so many before you have seen the light. Rejoice! You’re home. You’re saved.”

Some of the stars of the menu are listed below.

XXX Burger 

Devil Wing

~beef patty, 666 sauce, chilli cheese sauce, burger cheese, smoked bacon, fried onions, jalapenos, pickles. Served with
fired-up fries~

Moving Mountains Burger

~100% plant-based patty, Unholy BBQ, vegan cheese, vegan mayo, tomato, lettuce, onion, pickles ~

The Pit Burger 

~Beef patty, brisket, chopped pork, bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce, onion, pickles, and Dirty sauce ~

burgers in leeds
Red’s True Barbecue




MEATliquor Leeds offers an “authentic American bar and diner experience in downtown Leeds.  It is located in The Trinity Centre, behind Victoria’s Secret.”

1924 Burger

~Double patty, 1924 blue cheese sauce, minced pickled red onions~

Dead Hippie Burger

~Mustard- fried double patty, Dead- Hippie sauce, lettuce, american cheese,  pickles, minced white onions~

Green Chilli Cheese Burger

~Double patty, american cheese, spicy green chilli butter, red onions, pickles, mustard, ketchup~

best burgers leeds


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